Aligning Your Web Presence: A Quick Guide

  • October 10, 2015

If you are considering approaching funders for venture capital, impact investments, program-related investments, or other traditional funding, web presence is key. How you present your organization to that potential funder can make the difference between #funding and continued work on a project or having to scale back. 

The quick and dirty of it is that file-31995954everything, from print to web, should be integrated and leveraged, and should be assumed that it will be viewed by your potential funder. A cohesive web presence will make it easy for potential funders to know that they are dealing with the same organization regardless of the platform.

It is essential that your organization maintain an accurate, detailed, updated, and aligned web presence. This means the organization’s website, social media platforms, and other relevant platforms should align (e.g. logo looks the same, mission and vision is the same, contact information is the same, event information is the same, etc.). 

Hot Tip: If you are a non-profit you may want to consider registering and maintaining your presence on This should be maintained much the same way as your website and social media. 

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