Buffalo/Niagara Resources

Incubators, Accelerators & Co-Working Spaces

From innovative medical devices to cutting-edge research and testing services, Buffalo Niagara has a number of places and people to support your specific needs. Here are the local collaborative working spaces, accelerators, and incubators throughout our region:

Small Business Development Centers

With more than 55,000 small businesses all throughout Western New York and the Finger Lakes region, we understand the importance as well as the specific needs of startups and entrepreneurs. Here are some of the development centers specifically created to support small businesses:

Development Resources

Whether it’s in the realm of life sciences or some other technological breakthrough, Buffalo Niagara houses a number of research and innovation centers, workshops and consulting services. Explore the links below to find the right size of development support for you:

Funding Resources

Sure you have the next big idea, but do you have the financial resources to make it happen? Our region works hard to connect entrepreneurs with the funds needed to bring their concept to fruition. Here are some of the local financial resources:

Competitions & Events

For some, a competition can be the perfect catalyst for launching the next big innovation. Not only do these local resources provide all important funding to the winners, they help everyone with formulating and ideating plans: