Department of Homeland Security (#DHS) SBIR Key Dates and More

  • November 18, 2019

The #DHS S&T #SBIR Program was initiated in 2004 with the goal of increasing the participation of innovative and creative U.S. small businesses in federal research & development programs and challenging industry to bring innovative homeland security solutions to reality.

Solicitation topics are developed by Program Managers in each of the Science and Technology (S&T) Divisions. The annual solicitations consist of topics relevant to the following S&T Directorate organizations: Borders and Maritime Security, Chemical/Biological Defense, Cyber Security, Explosives, and the First Responder Group.

#DHS #SBIR Eligibility

A few key eligibility requirements of this program: You must be a small business concern operating in the United States. The Principal Investigator (PI) must be employed at the applicant organization for at least half of their total working hours (eg the applicant organization must be the PI’s primary employment)

Required Registration

#DHS #SBIR has far fewer required registrations than many other federal #fundiung opportunities. Instead of mandating applicants to register with a handful of different agencies and portals, all the DHS requires is that applicants register in the DHS SBIR Submissions Portal.

Key Dates

Here is what we know right now that you should pay attention to; in the past, #DHS #SBIR has posted the Pre-Solicitation in late November with the Pre-Solicitation closing in mid-December. The application portal then opens in mid-December with a deadline for early February at 12:00 PM ET. You can visit all past solicitations here to get an idea of the format and proposal content that would be expected of a strong application HERE.

As soon as we have a confirmed timeline – we will update this post.

To see if you are a fit for DHS SBIR funding visit their website HERE or schedule a consult with us.

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