#DOD #SBIR 19.2/STTR 19.B BAA is temporarily delayed.

  • April 25, 2019

#DOD #SBIR 19.2/#STTR 19.B BAA was anticipated to come out on Friday, April 19th, 2019 with the pre-release topics list. It is now temporarily delayed. No word on an anticipated new date.

The #DOD (Department of Defense) issues three #SBIR and three #STTR Broad Agency Announcements (BAA) for proposals annually. Each BAA has a pre-release, open, and close.

During the #DOD pre-release period, the government is not accepting proposals, but small businesses can discuss technical questions directly with the topic authors (contact information available in each topic).

Once the #DOD BAA is open, direct questions with the topic authors are no longer allowed, but technical questions may be submitted anonymously through the #DOD SBIR Interactive Topic Information System (SITIS)

2019 BAA SchedulePre-ReleaseOpenClose
DoD SBIR 2019.128 Nov 20188 Jan 20196 Feb 2019
DoD STTR 2019.A28 Nov 20188 Jan 20196 Feb 2019
DoD SBIR 2019.2Temporarily DelayedTemporarily DelayedTemporarily Delayed
DoD STTR 2019.BTemporarily DelayedTemporarily DelayedTemporarily Delayed
DoD SBIR 2019.323 Aug 201924 Sep 201923 Oct 2019
DoD STTR 2019.C23 Aug 201924 Sep 201923 Oct 2019

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