We design and develop program evaluation plans for clients as they implement federal, state, and privately-funded grant programs. Our evaluation work includes developmental, formative, summative, and return-on-investment (ROI) analysis to understand not just a program’s results, but also the unique elements that led to its successes and challenges.

Over the last several years, E.B. Howard Consulting has evaluated various federal and foundation grants. We capture these accomplishments by adhering to our evaluation philosophy and approach:

  • Be a partner in a transformative evaluation
  • Balance Rigor and objectivity with utility
  • Give institutions and staff a “voice” in their evaluation
  • Strive to understand context as much as content
  • Create meaningful, clear, useful deliverables

External/Independent Evaluations

We have experience with evaluating various programs and projects across the US. We are more than willing to talk with you about your local evaluation needs.


Maybe evaluation isn't the thing for you, but you may have received funding that does have reporting requirements. Those requirements can be time-consuming and take away from your regular day to day tasks. Let us help you complete your reporting requirements by handing it off to a team with experience.

Foundation Funding Evaluation

Sometimes foundations have unique reporting requirements. We are well versed in local, state, and national reporting requirements and expectations by funders. Let us help you perform high-quality unique evaluation for your funder.

Our Experience

See more regarding our specific experience with local, government, and foundation-funded project and program evaluations.

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Got Questions?

Schedule a consult call today.

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Evaluation services provided, by E.B. Howard Consulting, is comprehensive and covers all costs associated with the provision of the services listed above in the evaluation section for the duration of the project. In short, E.B. Howard Consulting does not charge for travel, support, courier, postage, phone, and so forth.

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