Need help writing or preparing a grant?

We can help with all aspects of grant writing and proposal preparation.

From managing the entire process for you through submitting ahead of the deadline. We can craft a proposal from scratch or provide critical feedback.

We can do it all.


We are a team trained to know what is required for your funding line.


We provide a collaborative iterative experience with all proposals.


We know what funders are looking for and are non-dilutive funding subject matter experts (SME).


We focus on ensuring you know what is needed to ensure your proposal is submitted on time.


We bring 25 years of combined experience completing a variety of local, state, and federal funded proposals.


We have secured over $60M+ in funding for clients since 2013.


We provide a return of ~$100 for every $1 spent on government proposal preparation costs.


We provide a return of ~$58 for every $1 spent on SBIR/STTR Phase I proposal preparation costs.

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Additional Insights

Stakeholder planning meeting

Stakeholder planning and onboarding meeting are typically scheduled once a funding opportunity is identified with the expressed purpose to review timelines, data and information needs, documentation needs, etc. Please Note: We strongly recommend that project work start between 60 to 30 days before a proposal or report deadline.

Draft and Feedback

We believe that the proposal development process is an iterative process. Meaning our clients should see drafts and provide feedback on all documents required for each proposal. To this end, we encourage regular project meetings.

Submitting Proposal

We are happy to provide uploading and submitting services on behalf of our clients. We typically upload all documents to the proposal platform on behalf of our clients. They then have the option to submit the proposal or have us submit on their behalf.

Proposal Feedback & Follow-Up

As a best practice, we expect (regardless of the outcome) to received copies of all reviewers scoring and comments. We believe this helps improve our process as a consulting firm. We review the reviewer’s feedback with the client and make appropriate action plans for improvement.

More Information

Organizations that choose to work with us, are involved every step of the way. From the initial crafting of a funding menu, through the proposal preparation process, and during the evaluation process, it truly is a collaborative, hands-on approach. These organizations also have a common goal to develop, fund, and implement innovative STEM-based solutions to various social, cultural, or environmental issues.

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not take an incentive, contingency, or success fees. We uphold the ethics of the Grant Professional Association (GPA), American Evaluation Association (AEA), follow the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and follow the federal government’s Uniform Guidance regulations §200.209.

While we can not guarantee that every opportunity we identify will fund a client, or that every proposal we write will be funded, or that your evaluation report will indicate that your program’s goals & objectives will be achieved. However, we CAN guarantee a tailored approach grounded in the latest in best-practices, appropriate methodology, and professional experience. We approach our work with clients as a partnership. The road to securing funding is not a quick process. We prioritize ongoing engagements that allow us to help our clients reach their goals and grow their success over time.

Our Track Record

Since 2013, we have helped organizations secure more than $60 million in grant funding. We have experience in developing and crafting high-quality highly-competitive proposals to foundations, corporate grantmakers, and government funders at every level.

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Our Testimonials

We guarantee a tailored approach that is grounded in latest in best-practices, appropriate methodology, and professional experience. See what our clients have to say.

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Our Guidance

Here are some of our recommendations & guidelines for a successful experience with us.

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Answers to Your Questions

Got Questions? Great! We knew you would. We collected some Frequently Asked Questions here.

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