Get #Funding For Your Project

  • May 4, 2015


Not all enterprising projects generate 100 percent of the financing they need to sustain themselves. Many use a combination of #grant funds and investors to get #funding started or sustain operations. In addition to applying for #grants, you might also try to enlist the help of friends, family, and neighbors. If your idea is good, you won’t have to beg… but it can’t hurt to bake some cookies.

Resources that give support to social entrepreneurs or social enterprise projects:

  • Skoll Foundation
    Invests in social entrepreneurs. Also gives the Skoll Awards annually. [Note: Enterprising Ideas is partially funded by the Skoll Foundation.]
  • Acumen Fund
    A nonprofit venture capital firm that nurtures social entrepreneurs through investment.
  • Ashoka
    Ashoka is a global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs that invests in individual social entrepreneurs.
  • Draper Richards Foundation
    Provides business mentoring to individuals and their nonprofit organizations and hels them get #funding.
  • Echoing Green
    Provides startup grants and support to social entrepreneurs and their organizations to get #funding
  • Global Giving
    Enables individuals and companies to find and support social and economic development projects around the world.
  • Kauffman Foundation
    Makes grants and supports initiatives in projects involving both entrepreneurship and education.
  • Enterprise Funding Database
    A directory of funders of social enterprise created by the Social Enterprise Alliance and The Enterprise Foundation.
  • Earned Income: Assessing Your Revenue Options
    Foundation Center to help #startups get #funding

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