#HHS #SBIR Omnibus Updates

  • November 22, 2019

#NIH, #CDC, and #FDA Solicitations

The #HHS #SBIR Omnibus solicitation has published dates for the 2020 fiscal year!

While the standard dates are September 5, January 5, and April 5, the dates had to be modified slightly in order to ensure the due date was not on a Sunday, but on a business day instead. The standard due dates will be moved to January 6th, 2020, April 6th, 2020 and September 8th, 2020. This Omnibus includes:

  • PA-19-272 (Clinical trial not allowed)
  • PA-19-273 (Clinical trial required)
  • PA-19-270 (Clinical trial not allowed)
  • PA-19-271 (Clinical trial required)

Required Registrations for HHS #SBIR

As with all #SBIR registrations, applicants must obtain an EIN and DUNS number and register with System for Awards Management (SAM) and the SBA (Small Business Administration) registry. You must also apply with Grants.gov, as this is the portal the department of HHS uses to process its NIH, CDC, and FDA proposals.

What Can You do to Prepare for #HHS #SBIR?

Some tips for being fully prepared for your #HHS #SBIR application includes completing all your necessary registrations ahead of schedule. If you will be participating in human or animal trials, these studies come with their own set of applications and certifications that are mandatory for project completion.

Also organize your budget, team, research strategy, research timeline, commercialization plan, and ask colleagues for Letters of Support. Organizing these necessary items ahead of time will make proposal writing much simpler, and much faster.

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