Discover grant funding opportunities available to your startup with a 60% discount on Funding Menu Services.


Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub members receive a hand-curated personalized list of non-dilutive funding options for $2,200 (USD) ($1100 down and $1100 on completion of work), a 60% discount off the price of $5,500 (USD) for E.B. Howard Consulting’s Funding Menu service (grant writing or proposal preparation services sold separately). This is a savings of $3,300 (USD).

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What We Provide

Looking for funding? Funding that won't take equity from your startup or business?

Funding that allows you to own 100% of your business with ZERO repayments to NO ONE. No debt. No equity. 

We screen, verify, filter, and develop a hand-curated personalized list of non-dilutive funding options like grants, pitch competitions, and so much more that are specific to you and your long-term growth plans.

A Funding Menu will allow you to know what the funding landscape looks like over the next 18 to 24 months for your business.

We can identify various funding opportunities that can help sustain existing initiatives or make new plans a reality.

We will do the hard work building you a Funding Menu so you can save time, gain peace of mind, and gain access to expertise.

What comes with each Funding Menu

All the information listed below comes with each opportunity.

  • Name of the Funder: Who is the organization providing the opportunity
  • Title of Opportunity: Specific name of the opportunity
  • Type of Funding: Letting you know where the funding is coming from
  • About: What is the funding opportunity focused on
  • Award Amount: How much you could potentially expect from this opportunity
  • Due Date: Date the proposal or application is due
  • Key Contact: Name of the funder you should be speaking  
  • Key Contact Type: How to best contact that funder
  • Link: Link to Funder’s application
  • Initial Approach Date: When you should approach a funder by
  • Approximate Notification Date: When would you find out about your proposal
  • Eligibility Requirements: Specifics that the funder is looking for surrounding eligibility.
  • Barriers to Applying: Potential roadblocks to applying
  • Repeating: Does the funding opportunity repeat
  • Awards: Number of Anticipated Awards
  • Insights: Our notes and intel on the funder
  • BONUS: Tips & Recommendations from us

Our 3-Step Process Over 20 Days


We know that time is precious for any startup founder, so we’ve worked to streamline this process for you. During our 3-step process, we take the time to understand you and your unique business.

Over 20 days, we conduct a comprehensive search of all potential funding opportunities for your business, including grants, private organizations, pitch competitions, and more. We also connect with potential funders directly to discover exactly what you need for you to have the best chance at winning funding. Let’s walk through the steps:

Funding Menu

Step 1: Onboarding Meeting

We collect information from you to help refine and shape our research in a one-on-one consultation call.

Funding Menu

Step 2: Progress Check-in

Our halfway check-in meeting to answer any questions you may have, modify research, and see time-sensitive opportunities.

Funding Menu

Step 3: Final Review

We review all findings, answer any questions, and develop a strategy to move forward with the opportunities in your menu.

Evidence of Success

Here are examples of our recent client’s success with our Funding Menu. Below are few client examples, our track record database, more testimonials, and frequently asked questions.

HealthTech Arkansas

$85 Million

We were able to locate 175+ opportunities with an average value of $960,000 (USD) with the potential to pursue over $85 Million (USD) in available funding. 

"We were introduced to a diverse range of funding opportunities for our rural health collaboration and initiatives. We had no idea the vast array of opportunities that we had access to. We really liked the custom, carefully curated list of funding opportunities. E.B. Howard Consulting was efficient and effective in developing a funding pathway for our company to explore."

- Steffany Benton & Jeff Stinson

Glue Health

$50 Million

We were able to locate 100+ opportunities with an average value of $644,000 (USD) with the potential to pursue over $50 Million (USD) in available funding. 

"I appreciated the professionalism, thoroughness and communication style of the team. Superb and superior experience! Received a funding menu that is full of opportunity and provides an alternative route to funding."

- Damola Omotosho

Cali's Books

$15 Million

We were able to locate more than 80+ opportunities with an average value of $300,000 (USD) with the potential to pursue over $15 Million (USD) in available funding. 

"I loved how you mixed professionalism and empathy with a huge dose of organization which made the experience extremely smooth. I learnt a lot about funding but most importantly working with E.B. Howard Consulting gave me confidence in pitching my project."

- Carinne Meyrignac

The Funding Menu is a great fit for organizations who are feeling stuck in their research process, smaller organizations who are already wearing too many hats, or development departments who don’t have the time to prioritize the time-consuming research process.

Since 2013, we have helped organizations secure more than $100M in grant funding and have experience in developing and crafting high-quality and highly competitive proposals. We guarantee a tailored approach that is grounded in latest in best practices, appropriate methodology, and professional experience. See what our clients have to say.

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