Letter of Commitment


Our convenient downloadable includes a one-page document with four essential tips and a customizable template for collecting Letters of Commitment from your consultants.


Any federal grant application (e.g., SBIR/STTR) employing consultants (1099s) must collect a Letter of Commitment from the said consultant. Many clients ask us for advice on how to fulfill agency requirements surrounding this. As always, our first piece of advice is to read the solicitation thoroughly and follow all content and formatting requirements therein. Nevertheless, over the years, we have found a time-tested recipe for success in Letter of Commitment drafting, which we share with you here in this downloadable product.

The number of letters and specific instructions for format and content will be dictated by the specific funding line you are pursuing. However, we have learned some general best practices and tips for any LOC, which we will share with you in this download.

Included in this download

  • TIPS: Tips for crafting and collecting Letters of Commitment from key individuals that will help give your proposal that edge over your competition. Agency-specific guidance for SBIR/STTR from NIH, NSF, and DoED. Insights into what agencies are looking for, along with their expectations on what to include and who you should include. Our field-tested example is that you can use as inspiration to request letters from select key individuals.
  • LOS Template: Letter of Commitment Template that you can use in your next SBIR/STTR application.

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