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Do you plan on searching for or applying for a federal grant, contract, or loan in the future? If so, you must create an account with The System for Award Management (SAM). We created this organizer download to help applicants understand and navigate the process and provide them with one document in which to keep all essential key contact and organization information in one place.

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The System for Award Management (SAM) is the federal government’s vendor database and award management platform for all federal payouts (grants, contracts, and loans). All awardees must use this system to collect payment and fulfill any reporting requirements mandated by the funding opportunity. For those who seek a new government contract, you can also use your account to search for and save open federal funding opportunities, federal assistance listings, and past awards.

Unfortunately, the process of registering is time-consuming and involves multiple steps. To make the process even more difficult, several major changes were implemented in early 2022 that can leave even seasoned SAM users frustrated and confused.

Our download offers tips and advice to help you breeze through SAM registration like a pro! Plus, it keeps your essential key contact and organization information in one place to help you organize for registering or renewing. This download includes key business information fields, IRS Consent information, CAGE or NCAGE Code information, financial, and other essential information that you will need to ensure that your registration goes smoothly.

Please note that elements that are required for are subject to change without our knowledge. As with any agency-specific material, we always recommend that you double-check the agency instructions to ensure that the guidelines and information required have not changed.

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