SBIR Readiness checklist


One of the top asks we get from potential clients during open office hours and chats on Clubhouse’s Pitch Club is, “do you think we are SBIR ready”?

Our answer is always the same – while your IDEA may be SBIR-worthy, that does not guarantee your business is SBIR-ready. If you have had this same question about your small business, this checklist is for you.

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Are you SBIR-ready? While you may have a super exciting tech idea, you need so much more than that to be a competitive candidate for SBIR. This checklist shows what a business that is ready for SBIR funding looks like. Our checklist sums up what makes a competitive applicant and illustrates red flags that likely indicate a company is not ready.

This is the go-to checklist for any business owner on the fence about applying for SBIR. We have distilled thousands of hours of industry research into a simple, easy-to-read go/no-go checklist.

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