Research & Analysis

We know that reliable, timely information strengthens your overall competitiveness and provides the tools needed to make educated data-based decisions. We offer a comprehensive range of customizable research services, based on best-practices, to meet your needs.


Hands-on Data Collection

By working closely with our clients, we gather qualitative data and first-hand insights that do not appear in traditional data sets. We utilize a variety of techniques and approaches including interviews, input sessions, and community-wide forums to understand assets, challenges, and opportunities for our clients.

Needs Assessment

We catalog the unique strengths and capacities of organizations, institutions, initiatives, and other resources. This provides a comprehensive profile of what is currently available for clients to build upon.


We develop surveys that have a single well-defined objective with easily measurable results with the client’s target audience in mind. Results are provided in a meaningful, clear, useful report that allows for clients to make informed decisions.

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