Client Testimonials

E.B. Howard Consulting was founded in 2013 with the idea that proposal preparation and independent/external evaluation services can be useful, effective, efficient, and, most importantly, affordable. From the start, we have set out to provide high-quality, affordable services by offering various pricing and service options.

Organizations that choose to work with us are involved every step of the way. From the initial crafting of a funding menu through the proposal preparation process and during the evaluation process, it truly is a collaborative, hands-on approach. These organizations also have a common goal to develop, fund, and implement innovative STEM-based solutions to various social, cultural, or environmental issues.

While we can not guarantee that every opportunity we identify will fund a client, that every proposal we write will be funded, or that your evaluation report will indicate that your program’s goals & objectives will be achieved, we CAN guarantee a tailored approach that is grounded in latest in best-practices, appropriate methodology, and a professional experience.

See what our clients have to say.

I highly recommend E.B. Howard Consulting because of their expertise and superior customer service! Beginning with our initial meeting, I was impressed with their professionalism and their work ethic. The E.B. Howard Consulting team was tireless in their willingness to professionally explain things that we, as novices in this space, did not understand and to make the necessary revisions to our work product as we moved through the development process. Moreover, they readily guided us through the intricate administrative requirements necessary to ensure that our grant proposal was submitted on time and without errors. If you’re new to the world of competitive grant writing, you can trust that this company will do a stellar job!

Michael V. Smith, MD, FACC, FACS, FCCP – CEO, Marti Health | 2023

I recently worked with E.B. Howard Consulting team on a proposal for an SBIR grant. They were knowledgeable, professional, patient, and a joy to work with. Properly crafting grants is challenging, and it is important to have experience in your corner to put forward a winning submission. I’m grateful to the E.B. Howard Consulting team for their work.

A CEO in the healthcare field | 2023

Working with the team at E.B. Howard Consulting is like having your personal in-house development team. These are smart, engaging people that know their stuff! I am especially impressed with their customer-centered approach to working with their clients, their meticulous attention to detail, and the outstanding work product that they produce. They really listen to the client, make creative suggestions, and save you the frustration and time of having to figure everything out on your own.  While other services promise a lot, but are short on delivery, this company delivers in spades and will work with you until you are completely satisfied!   

Mary Harris, Ph.D., – CEO, BioTechnical Communications, Inc. | 2023

I learned a lot about funding but most importantly, working with E.B. Howard Consulting gave me confidence in pitching my project.

Carinne Meyrignac – Founder, Cali’s Books | 2022

We got a really structured proposal template and hard deadlines that kept us on track. We needed a taskmaster and the E.B. Howard Consulting team delivered. The copy editing and budget checking was invaluable. Thank you! We realized mid-proposal that our small team didn’t have the capacity to handle the intricacies and acronyms of an NSF RFP. E.B. Howard Consulting stepped in and carried us over the finish line, making sure every file was shipshape and submitted in advance of the deadline.

Kate Wing – Founding Director, Intertidal Agency | 2022

I appreciated the professionalism, thoroughness, and communication style of the team. Superb and superior experience! Received a funding menu that is full of opportunities and provides an alternative route to funding.

Damola Omotosho – Founder & CEO, Glue Health | 2022

E.B. Howard Consulting assisted my company in the preparation of my grant proposal. They were very professional and consistent throughout their service. The level of detail in their proposal preparation was fantastic and has given me the utmost confidence in producing a successful result. I will definitely utilize their services in the future.

Chris Trutanich – Founder & CEO, Stemlins Edu LLC | 2022

We learned shouldn’t try and do that at which the experts are better! E.B. Howard Consulting was patient and extremely nice, helpful, and professional. What an incredible team. E.B. Howard Consulting provided the right person for the task, helped us meet deadlines, and was thorough. Details matter and they knew where they mattered and provided expert guidance.

Thomas Pierce – Founder & CEO at Sleepwell Anesthesia Consultants | 2022

We were introduced to a diverse range of funding opportunities for our rural health collaboration and initiatives. We had no idea of the vast array of opportunities that we had access to. They provided a custom, carefully curated list of funding opportunities. E.B. Howard Consulting was efficient and effective in developing a funding pathway for our company to explore.

HealthTech Arkansas | 2022

I truly enjoyed working with the team at E.B. Howard Consulting. They were proactive, diligent, and knowledgeable. They helped me navigate a complex grantwriting process. I recommend them highly.

David Dvorkin – Founder of Hire Cause | 2022

When researching grant writing vendors, E.B. Howard Consulting immediately jumped out at us with their transparency in pricing: 1) They offer just about any level of service engagement to meet your grant writing needs while accomodating your available budget. 2) They are also clearly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to expertly preparing U.S. federal grants. 3) They will do whatever to work with your busy schedules; we had an amazing communication channel set up via recurring video meetings, daily email correspondence, etc.

We were also very pleased with the fact that they used Google Drive for a near-seamless collaboration experience. All in all, we strongly recommend E.B. Howard Consulting. They proudly stand by the quality of their services as well as their attention to detail – which we can certainly attest to.

Dan Lee – Founder & CEO of | 2022

The E.B. Howard Consulting team always responded quickly to my questions and left no stone unturned in the composition of my STTR grant. I have great confidence in their ability to keep your project organized and complete while paying close attention to deadlines. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with writing, editing, and/or submission of their grants. They are an extraordinary resource in the grant writing field!

Shoshanna N. Zucker, Ph.D. – Founder & CEO of Haniva LLC & Associate Professor and Director of Research, D’Youville School of Pharmacy

I love working with E.B. Howard Consulting! E.B. Howard Consulting is so reliable, quick, and knows their craft. I will certainly hire them again and again…Great experience working with them!

Madison Maxey – Founder & CEO at Loomia

Many people don’t understand the complex nature of developing a federal proposal, specifically a proposal for NIH. Developing a federal proposal is not something you should just hand off to a grant consultant and expect a finished product at the end of the day. Nor is it something that I recommend you try to accomplish on your own. These types of proposals require a collaborative effort between the organization submitting the proposal (yourself) and your development consultant.

E.B. Howard Consulting provides and supports the collaborative effort that it takes to submit a highly competitive proposal. They understand the complexity of the NIH proposal development process. They walked us through the initial development of our research strategy by making sure that we were answering all of the proposal requirements and strengthening the language we used surrounding our research methodology. They also made sure that all of our paperwork and forms were filled out correctly. They even provided hands-on support in navigating the proposal portal. Anytime we had a question, they were available to answer it.

Brian Robinson – Founder & CEO at Cardio Legend

The E.B. Howard Consulting team is courteous, professional, and highly skilled. I wholeheartedly recommend them if you’re looking for support in writing or polishing your grant content.

Dr. Elizabeth Owen – Founder & CEO of Learning Data Discovery, LLC

I’m a professor, and I had this opportunity to work with the E.B. Howard Consulting team on an SBIR proposal, and I’m very happy about my experience. Organized, responsive, and invaluable experience and knowledge. I definitely recommend their company.

Dr. Ehsan Kamel – Energy Management | New York Institute of Technology

We had a positive experience working with the E.B. Howard Consulting team. The process of simultaneously preparing two large federal grant proposals for us was very organized, efficiently handled, and conducted professionally but also enjoyable. While we do not yet know the outcome of whether they will be funded, I know we put forward stronger and more compelling proposals because of E.B. Howard Consulting. We look forward to using them again on future projects!

Gina Taranto – Director of Philanthropy at Space Foundation

The E.B. Howard Consulting team is tremendous. They helped us really understand the process of going after government grants and what it entails and worked strategically to develop a step-by-step process to meet the results we wanted to reach. Because of their work, we were able to secure a large grant from a federal agency and work on finalizing another grant.

Jimmy Lee – CEO, GoodCity

My team was so impressed with their skill and professionalism. They edited a technical SBIR proposal and provided excellent feedback. We will definitely work with E.B. Howard Consulting again!

Trina Chiasson – co-founded Eclosion Technologies, Inc.

The E.B. Howard Consulting team was very professional, punctual, and responsive. They helped guide us through every step of our process. We hired E.B. Howard Consulting to support a grant application we submitted. We won the grant!! Their team supported us even after the submission with follow-up questions from the reviewers. I would definitely recommend their support and have already reached out to them for additional support!

Steven Carter – COO & Co-founder TRAXyL