Many of our clients are social entrepreneurs ranging from various non-profits and for-profits entities in the United States and Internationally to educational agencies such as school districts and higher education institutions. All have a common goal to develop, fund, and implement innovative solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. Some of them have awesome things to say about our work.


Farida Campbell, Founder, Epidaurus Telemedical, Inc.

"5-stars. As a business developer and daughter of an international merchant marine pilot, you learn in life that the very best crew are the people who never add challenges to the storms along your charted course but definitely help push the strengths of your mission and it’s anxious direction to fulfill. E.B. Howard Consulting was an incredible team. Christine did more than I ever expected- even at a very late timeframe to start -and more. Totally grateful. Wow!"

Rose Donna, COO & Co-founder at Magpi

"Christine was so great to work with. We hired her to help us write and research grants. Her and her team took us from zero to completion in a very professional and patient manner. She really kept us on track and clearly explained each of the steps in the process. We will definitely hire her again"

Michael Pansky, Founder & CEO InterKn

“The entire staff at E.B. Howard Consulting is dedicated to giving their clients 110%. InterKn could not imagine a more honest and unwavering partner, and the only company to support proposal development.”

Rip Harris, Strategic Initiatives, AVEX, LLC

“Herding cats… a developed skill and Christine is proficient. Our technical content is arcane. Editing, polishing, and packaging was handled expertly. Of importance, our NIH application was in early, error free and we all felt that great value was added to the entire effort with Christine’s contributions. Very nicely done."

Amir Yusuf, Founder at Eco-Centric Holdings Ltd

"Christine is a very professional, detail oriented, knowledgeable individual. Her expertise in business development surpassed all of our expectations. We have worked together on several projects and her attention to detail has left us feeling very satisfied with the work she has done."

Amber Parks, CEO at Writing w/ Design

"Christine was JUST the lady we needed to help us stay on track and on top of all the requirements for our grant application. Her experience and understanding of what we needed to include in each section proved invaluable. She was 100% invested in our project, providing specific feedback and suggestions to strengthen content. She caught discrepancies in the grant's directions and made sure our application matched what the corrected requirements specified. She was always available to answer a quick question and worked late with me on the nights before the deadline. I know without a doubt we would not have submitted such a strong application without her!"

Kalyan Gupta, Knexus Research Corp regarding two (2) different proposals

"Appreciated Christine's contributions and experience as a proposal manager, her timely response and adherence to a rather tight schedule we were in."

Brian Robinson, CEO at Cardio Legend

"Many people don't understand the complex nature of developing a federal proposal; specifically a proposal for NIH. Developing a federal proposal is not something you should just hand off to a grant consultant and expect a finished product at the end of the day. Nor is it something that I recommend you try to accomplish on your own. These type of proposals require a collaborative effort between the organization submitting the proposal (yourself) and your development consultant. E. B. Howard Consulting, specifically Christine, provides and supports the collaborative effort that it takes to submit a highly competitive proposal. Christine understands the complexity of the NIH proposal development process. Christine walked us through the initial development of our research strategy by making sure that we were answering all of the proposal requirements and strengthening language we used surrounding our research methodology. She also made sure that all of our paperwork and forms were filled out correctly. She even provided hands-on support navigating the proposal portal. Anytime we had a question; she was available to answer it. She has a great personality and is easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her to a friend or colleague."

Blake Wood - COO of Calm Down Now - Venice, Florida

"Couldn't be happier! Very pleased with Christine's overall competency and knowledge regarding grants. She is extremely conscientious and thorough, even with tight deadlines. I would certainly hire her again!"

Director of Development - Epiphany Learning - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

"Very accommodating to a tight timeline. I couldn't have made the grant deadline without her help!"

Sharath Mekala, President at Village Defense

"I had the pleasure of working with Christine on a project that involved writing a proposal to a city. Finding her was extremely timely, and I was happy to have a great resource that was there for my company and me. I was impressed by Christine's work ethic, her performance, and her understanding of the subject matter. She has a ton of experience that I quickly learned in our first 1-hour project session. I believe that she cares about what she does, and who she works with because it is reflected in the product. I highly recommend Christine for your next project. I look forward to working with her again."

Madison Maxey, owner and founder of The Crated

"I love working with Christine! She's so reliable, quick, and knows her craft. I will certainly hire her again and again...Great experience working with Christine!"

Sam Yusuf, CEO at EarthLyfe, Inc.

"Embarking on my new business and applying for a large grant to get it to the next level, my partners and I had the challenge of putting a detailed and professional business plan together. After conversing with one of the O-Desk customer reps, Christine Howard came highly recommended and Christine most certainly came to our rescue. After hours of conversations and document transfers, Christine’s thoroughness wonderfully benefitted us with the ability to coherently convey our aims in a professional manner to present to a large board of professionals with pride and confidence. I promote her to all of my friends and colleagues looking for a professional that will take the time to listen intently as well as counsel wisely to better the foundations of your business. I very much look forward to using Christine’s services again on my next venture. I wouldn’t want to start with anyone else!"

Marcos Polanco, Founder at Clearshore Consulting, San Juan, Puerto Rico

"Christine is all about crisp execution...she took on the project as if it were her own, with insightful analysis, vigilant attention to details, consistent follow-up (manage-up), vigor and enthusiasm. She delivered on-time on a tight timeframe and kept the entire team on track. We are delighted to have discovered her."

Azad Kabir, M.D. & CEO of Coast PCP, PLLC - Gulfport, Mississippi

"Christine is all about feasible, accurate, and planned proposals and projects. She took on the proposal for my project as if it were her own, with insightful analysis, vigilant attention to details, consistent follow-up (manage-up), vigor, and enthusiasm. She delivered on-time on a tight time frame. She is the best even I have worked with. I am looking forward to working with her on future project and endeavors."

Alan Lane - regarding Proposal Development

"Christine was very helpful. She supplied excellent material for my submission and communicated with me over all items. Unfortunately, I was forced to give Christine a very tight timetable; she was able to work through that and delivered everything that I had hoped for. My grant submission was accepted and was successful. I would be happy to work with Christine again and will contact her when our next application is due."

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