Track Record

Our Success

Since 2013, we have helped organizations secure several million in funding for our clients. We have experience in developing and crafting high-quality highly-competitive proposals to foundations, corporate grantmakers, and government funders at every level.

On average, we provide a return of ~$58 for every $1 spent on SBIR/STTR Phase I proposal preparation costs. For other federal funding, outside of SBIR/STTR – where the proposal budgets are multi-year, we provide a return well over ~$100 for every $1 spent.

Detailed below is SOME of our success with funding surrounding innovation that has strong commercialization potential. This is not all of our successes.  We update this as we find out from our clients – award notification for most clients comes 6 to 8 months after submitting proposals. We are always mindful of our client’s privacy and have signed NDA’s with many of them; therefore, we do not publish their information on our website. We are always happy to chat about specific successes during a consult call.

Additionally, outside of SBIR/STTR and economic development-focused proposals, we do have extensive experience with some of the following federal agencies and focus areas. If you do not see an agency listed, we do encourage you to ask us about it.

  • The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) with a strong focus on American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) and Development Innovation Ventures (DIV). As well as economic and humanitarian assistance.
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) with a focus on innovation and technology as well as product safety and conservation efforts.
  • U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) with a focus on economic development and technological advancement through vigilance in international trade policy, domestic business policy & growth, and promoting economic progress at all levels.
  • U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) with a focus on peacekeeping and war-fighting efforts, Homeland Security, evacuation, and humanitarian causes.
  • U.S. Department of Education with a focus on STEM aimed at elementary, secondary and postsecondary education student and staff support services such as teacher professional development, after-school programming (ASP), out-of-school time (OST), 21st CCLC, School Improvement, MSP, API, counseling. As well as a focus on TRIO, Title III, Title V, TAACCCT, Title III, PBIS/MTSS, NSF-MSP/NRT/RET/REU, FIPSE, and Migrant Education.
  • U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with a focus on scientific and technological innovation in support of that goal; and to ensure the environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex.
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with a focus on Emergency Preparedness & Response, Education & Training, and Public Health & Safety.
  • National Institute of Health (NIH) with a focus on R01, R41, R42, R43, R44, U43, U44, SB1, UB1
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) with a focus on science to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare and secure the national defense.

Company NameYearFunding AgencyFunding LineTitleAward Amount
Care Weather **2023NSFSBIR Phase I$275,0000
Dollaride, Inc2022NYSERDAClean Neighborhoods Challenge Phase IIClean Transit Access Program (CTAP): Electrifying NYC dollar vans. Phase II with $6M from NYSERDA and $26.5M in matching private capital - A total of $32.5M.$32,500,000
The Economic Development and Industrial Corporation of Boston **2022EDA/DOCGood Jobs ChallengeGreater Boston Region (GBR) Regional Workforce Training System (RWTS) $23,000,000
The Economic Development and Industrial Corporation of Boston **2022DOLApprenticeships Building America Grant ProgramEnsuring Equitable RAP Pathways Through Pre-apprenticeship Leading to RAP Enrollment and Equity Partnerships $3,000,000
Dollaride, Inc2021NYSERDAClean Neighborhoods Challenge Phase IClean Transit Access Program (CTAP): Electrifying NYC dollar vans. Phase I - $150K Awarded$150,000
Enygma Ventures 2021USAIDInvesting in Women-Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs in Southern Africa ($6M from USAID and $6M in matching private capital - Total of 12M).
Syyclops, Inc2021DOESBIR Phase IUtilizing live sensor data to improve indoor air quality via the building management. $199,992
VIATECHNIK LLC2021NSFSBIR Phase ILeveraging Building Information Modeling (BIM) for More Accurate Indoor Positioning
Diversified 3D Technologies, Inc.2020DOD AFWERXSBIR Phase I3D Printing and Injury recovery$50,000
Niagara County Community College2020NSFWelding Technology and Beyond$300,000
CognifiSense Inc.2019NIHSBIR Phase IUsing Virtual Reality Psychological Therapy to Develop a Non-Opioid Chronic Pain Therapy$225,000
Equilo2019NSFSBIR Phase IUsing big data, AI, and machine learning in gender equality and social inclusion analysis$224,814
Gel4Med Inc.2019NIHSBIR Phase IAntimicrobial dermal matrices to promote infection-free wound closure in cutaneous wounds$348,852
IndeeTx2019NIHIntegrating microfluidic vortex shedding-mediated gene delivery into the development and manufacture pipelines of adoptive cellular immunotherapies$300,000
Kinetic AI Intelligence2019HHSSBIR Phase IA Personalized Wheelchair Fitting System to Improve Function and Quality of Life$99,028
Riveria Partners2019NSFConvergence Accelerator (C-Accel) $1,000,000
SageSurfer2019NSFSBIR Phase I$225,000
Sown To Grow2019NSFSBIR Phase IA K12 Goal-Setting And Reflection Platform That Builds Student Learning Skills And Mindset$224,539
Airwolf3d2018DODSBIR Phase I$50,000
Anlar2018DoEDReporting outcomes from national datasets$696,363
ASYLON 2018DODSBIR Phase I$50,000
Goodcity2018EDAINVEST Chicago Opportunity Fund ($300,000.00 Federal; $300,000.00 Local Match) - EDA's Regional Innovation Strategies Program$600,000
Knexus Research Corp.2018DoDSBIR Phase IContinuous Interactive Learners for Mission Planning (CILEMP)$129,996
Knexus Research Corp.2018DoDSBIR Phase IIDecision Aid for Prediction and Recognition of Intent, Decision, and Emotion (PRIDE)$1,485,951
Net Esolutions Corporation2018NIHSBIR Phase IIAnalytical Tools and Approaches for (Multidimensional) Scholarly Research Assessment and Decision Support in the Biomedical Enterprise$1,500,000
Pison Technology Inc2018NSFSBIR Phase IA Patient-Centered Wearable System to Enable Data-Driven Decisions in Neuromuscular Disorders$224,996
Serebrum Corp.2018DoDSBIR Phase IRAISE- Rapid Acquisition of Innovative Software Solutions with External Experts$149,897
Traxyl2018NSFSBIR Phase IAn Economic Optical Fiber Solution to the Last Mile Problem$224,992
Dascena2017NIHSBIR Phase IAutonomous system supporting patient specific transfer and discharge decisions$347,772
Dynamicare Health, Inc.2017NIHSBIR Phase IIntegrating Contingency Management into Routine Care for Alcohol Use Disorder$145,525
Gel4Med Inc.2017NIHSBIR Phase ITherapeutic cells encapsulation and delivery for improved healing of chronic diabetic wounds$298,530
Net Esolutions Corporation2017NIHSBIR Phase IEnhanced Research Network Informatics Exploration ERNIE$225,000
Pison Technology Inc2017HHSSBIR Phase IAssistive Technology Enabling Communication$100,000
Acetaminophen Toxicity Diagnostics, LLC2016NIHSTTR Phase IILiver Treatment, Diagnosis, Point-of-Care$2,649,372
Gel4Med Inc.2016NIHSBIR Phase IFlowable antimicrobial skin scaffolding matrix that promotes regeneration$223,369
Knexus Research Corp.2016DoDSBIR Phase IIAdaptive MCM Operations Planning and Replanning(AMORE)$4,160,234
LS Caldwell & Associates2016DOCMBDAEconomic Development, Youth, Entrepreneurship, Workforce Development, Women/Minority Owned Business$2,600,000
LS Caldwell & Associates2015DOCMBDAEconomic Development, Youth, Entrepreneurship, Workforce Development, Women/Minority Owned Business$1,500,000

** Indicates that we provided insight, advice, and recommendations on all elements of the proposal narrative, budget, and other supporting documentation on how to strengthen and possibly re-write sections of the application to align with the solication/RFP, ultimately leading to a win.