E.B. Howard now listed on Upstate Venture Connect

logowhiteWe are now listed on Upstate Venture Connect!!  Upstate Venture Connect is an entrepreneur-led nonprofit focused on building a region-wide startup community. We connect high-growth company founders with the people and resources needed for success. We also partner with ecosystem leaders to create angel capital funds and build programs that assist entrepreneurial college students, researchers, and technologists.

E.B. Howard Consulting | Startup Services | Upstate Venture Connect

E.B. Howard Consulting (EBHC), a women-owned business, provides full-service development focused on project & program funding development, oversight, and accountability. E.B. Howard Consulting (EBHC) uses a Utilization-Focused approach to all facets of development. This approach emphasizes the involvement of stakeholders in the project development and evaluation process to enhance the usefulness of each proposal.

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