• February 5, 2020

Thinking of applying to the USDA NIFA SBIR this year? Here are a few key details to keep in mind while applying.

Key Dates and Required Registration

If you missed the FY20 deadline of October 23, 2019, fear not. Another round of #funding is scheduled to open for FY21. Make sure you have submitted your proposal by October 1, 2020. The USDA is fairly straightforward regarding requirements in terms of general #SBIR compliance regulations. Just make sure you obtain your EIN and DUNS number, then register with SAM, and the SBA registry.


If you are a U.S. based small business concern with fewer than 500 employees and an #innovation that falls in line with USDA NIFA SBIR subtopics, you may be eligible to receive $100,000 in non-dilutive grant #funding from the USDA NIFA SBIR program. If you plan to work with a consultant, here are a few tips for becoming a star client.

  • Assemble your research team early on. Consultants curate information about each team member that is required by proposal guidelines. Know your team before you hire a consultant. Provide the team’s resumes and affiliation information.
  • Know what you need in terms of equipment. Most #SBIR proposals do not allow for the purchase of equipment with the #grant money. So plan ahead and rent or borrow what equipment you will need to conduct the experiment.
  • Register for an EIN and DUNS number ASAP. These numbers will allow you to complete the rest of the mandatory registrations for the USDA NIFA SBIR.
  • Be ready to help in the process/be accessible. Hiring a consultant is a great way to bring expertise and efficiency to the process of submitting grant proposals. We are pretty clever, but we can not read your mind. This means we will need to collect documents, ask questions, and obtain clarification from the senior personnel. So be prepared for a veritable barrage of e-mail based inquiries.

If you think USDA NIFA SBIR is a good fit for your company, you have a few months at your disposal to create a well planned, accurate proposal. Preparedness and time are often the difference between an approved proposal and a rejected one.

Customer discovery is an important factor for your SBIR proposal Learn about customer discovery for SBIR Here.

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