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Find, apply, and measure outcomes on non-dilutive grant funding.

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We believe that non-dilutive funding is a key tool for de-risking investments, and we are dedicated to guiding our clients through the entire non-dilutive funding process, from identifying the most suitable opportunities to submitting and managing grant applications.

Find Funding

We help organizations find non-dilutive capital funding.

Apply for Funding

We assist organizations with proposal preparation.

Post-Award Support

We can help with reporting on your outcomes.


Funding Menus Developed


Proposals Written


Reports Prepared


Funding Secured


We are your single source for all of your non-dilutive capital funding needs. From identifying relevant funding opportunities through the development of proposals to successful execution, and subsequent measuring of your outcomes from your award!

Locate Funding

Looking for non-dilutive capital funding?

Let us develop a highly curated funding menu to fit your specific funding needs.

We can identify various funding opportunities that can help sustain existing initiatives or make new plans a reality.

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Grant Writing

Need help with grant writing?

We can help with all aspects of grant writing and proposal preparation.

From managing the entire process for you through submitting ahead of the deadline. We can craft a proposal from scratch or provide critical feedback.

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Need help with post-award grant reporting or Evaluation?

We can help demonstrate outcomes on your federally funded grant.

We can help with measuring and reporting on outcomes with eye on data collection and analytics.

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Client Testimonials

We invite you to read our clients' testimonials to gain insight into their experiences working with us. Discover how we have helped them achieve their goals and how we can do the same for you. See all of our Testimonials Here

Christine E.B. Howard
Founder & CEO

I recently worked with E.B. Howard Consulting team on a proposal for an SBIR grant. They were knowledgeable, professional, patient, and a joy to work with. Properly crafting grants is challenging, and it is important to have experience in your corner to put forward a winning submission. I'm grateful to the E.B. Howard Consulting team for their work.

Nate Mazonson
CEO, Alara Imaging

I loved how you mixed professionalism and empathy with a huge dose of organization which made the experience extremely smooth. I learnt a lot about funding but most importantly working with E.B. Howard Consulting gave me confidence in pitching my project.

Carinne Meyrignac
Founder, Cali’s Books

The E.B. Howard Consulting team is tremendous. They helped us really understand the process of going after government grants and what it entails and worked strategically to develop a step-by-step process to meet the results we wanted to reach. Because of their work, we were able to secure a large grant from a federal agency and work on finalizing another grant.

Jimmy Lee
CEO, GoodCity

The E.B. Howard Consulting team was very professional, punctual, and responsive. They helped guide us through every step of our process. We hired E.B. Howard Consulting to support a grant application we submitted. We won the grant!! Their team supported us even after the submission with follow-up questions from the reviewers. I would definitely recommend their support and have already reached out to them for additional support!

Steven Carter
COO & Co-founder TRAXyL

Need Help? Got Questions?

Need help locating funding? Need help with proposal preparation or grant writing? Need help with post-award reporting requirements for your organization? We would love to talk to you and answer all of your questions. Schedule a consult call today.


Since 2013, E.B. Howard Consulting has secured over $100 Million in non-dilutive grant funding for organizations in the innovation ecosystem. Our team has 15+ years of experience in preparing, securing, and evaluating funding from various federal agencies, including, but not limited to, NIH, NSF, DOD, DoED, and DOE, with a specific focus on SBIR/STTR grants (Phase I, Phase II, and Fast Tracks).

We work with high-growth for-profit startups and small businesses, as well as organizations and consortiums in the startup and innovation ecosystem. Our clients are typically early-stage companies with innovative, STEM-based solutions to social, cultural, or environmental challenges. They are focused on commercializing their technologies or propelling the innovation ecosystem forward. Our clients have domain expertise, strong teams, and evidence of early traction. They also have a clear path to revenue within 12-18 months and a compelling value proposition.

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