Our Guidance

Listed below are some of our recommendations & guidelines for a successful experience with us.

  • Service Agreement & Deposit: It is our policy not to begin work until a service agreement has been signed and a non-refundable deposit for services has been paid. We ask for a deposit of 50%. The remaining balance is due at the end of the services agreement.
  • Payment: E.B. Howard Consulting accepts all major credit cards, direct bank transfers, and checks.
  • Hours of Operations: Monday – Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm EST Closed on ALL U.S. Federal Holidays.
  • Regular Project Meetings: E.B. Howard Consulting encourages regular project meetings. Typically, this is once a week or as needed. This helps ensure that the project is on task, and on schedule.
  • Required Registrations: We strongly encourage to register for SAM.gov. right away. Without an active and approved registered entity within SAM.gov you will not be able to submit your federal proposal ontime.
  • Regarding SBIR/STTR Funding Lines:
    • NIH SBIR Fasttrack: If you are considering an NIH SBIR FastTrack application there is an added 35% to the cost for services as the amount of work involved as NIH SBIR FastTrack requires additional documentation that includes a Phase II Research Strategy and Commercialization Plan.
    • Direct to Phase II: If you are considering a NIH SBIR Direct to Phase II application there is an added 20% to the cost for services as the amount of work involved as Direct to Phase II requires additional documentation that includes a Commercialization Plan.
  • Realistic Time Frames: We typically will not take on projects with a deadline of less than 30 calendar days away from a deadline. Anything less than 30 days, we cannot confidentially ensure that your proposal is competitive or that the proposed project is accurate. We strongly recommend that project work start between 90 to 60 days before a proposal or report deadline.
  • Last Minute Project – Express Rush Fee: Once in a while there is an exception to our “realistic time frames” rule where a client has a short window and is in need of our help. We are happy to jump in and help, but it will cost you. We charge an express rush delivery fee added 50% to the cost for services for projects that are starting less than 14 calendar days away from the deadline and want to meet the funder’s deadline.
  • Federal Registrations: Federal Registrations that are not set up at 30 or more calendar days away from a funder’s deadline may be a barrier to submitting your proposal on time. Our express delivery will NOT be able to expedite your registrations with third party agencies.
  • Immediate Services: Immediate service hours shall be compensated at the rate of $100.00 per hour (a 5-hour minimum) for all services performed in a “must do immediately” situation. This includes stopping and dropping what we are doing during business hours, after-hours, nights, weekends, and holidays – to provide you with immediate service. Any work that is scheduled ahead of time and agreed to by E.B. Howard Consulting in writing shall not be considered emergency services.
  • No Jerk Rule: Look, we have seen it all before. We have seen every game in the book. We know when a client is trying to skirt the rules of a funder. We know when a client is trying to pull one over on us and get a discount. We see you. Knowing this, we reserve the right to refuse to work with clients that have motives that are contrary to the grant seeking organization’s mission/vision statement or a grant-making agency’s funding focus area(s) or have other bad behaviors on the part of the client. In addition, refusing to provide hard copy information, refusing to disclose information essential to the proposal will result in the immediate cancellation of your contract, and/or discontinuation of our services and will be invoiced for the full amount of work.
  • Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreements: E.B. Howard Consulting will agree to adhere to standard confidentiality practices and that we agree not to disclose private information about the organization or its donors or funders. “Private information” does not include information available in the public domain. E.B. Howard Consulting is willing to sign an NDA.
  • Non-Compete: E.B. Howard Consulting does not work with other grant writing firms or evaluation firms that provide similar services due to the proprietary services that we provide. In addition, E.B. Howard Consulting works very hard to not take on clients with competing business interests of our clients. Please advise E.B. Howard Consulting right away if this is a priority for you and your organization.
  • Termination of Services: E.B. Howard Consulting reserves the right to terminate any agreement in place with a client, if a client materially breaches any of its obligations, and does not cure such breach within 10 days after receipt of written notice of such breach from E.B. Howard Consulting. The client will be responsible for services rendered to date and will be billed using a pro-rating formula.
  • Project Cancellation: E.B. Howard Consulting recognizes that the client may terminate the project due to various reason un-related E.B. Howard Consulting’s performance. The client will be responsible for services rendered to date and will be billed using a pro-rating formula.
  • Guarantees: We CANNOT imply, promise, or guarantee that your grant proposal(s) or projects will be funded.
  • Pro Bono Work: We DO NOT provide Pro Bono Work. We charge a flat rate, and we do provide free quotes for your project. We do provide a 15-minute free consultation, and we do maintain a clock.
  • Contingency payment or commission payment: We DO NOT work on a contingency basis. Here is why:
    • 1) Contingency payment or commission payment for grant writing is an unallowable expense with public dollars and is expressed in detail in The Uniform Guidance – a “government-wide framework for grants management” under section §200.209, “For requirements on costs incurred by the applicant prior to the start date of the period of performance of the Federal award”
    • 2) Paying for services rendered before the grant award and goes against Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), which state that fundraising services should be paid “at the time services are provided”.
    • 3) As an active Grant Professional Association (GPA) member, contingency payment goes against GPA’s code of ethics.

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