We created this page as a resource for founders that includes tools and partners that we think would be immensely helpful to any early-stage startup.

Legal Disclaimer: The information about providers, products, and services contained within does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by E.B. Howard Consulting, LLC. It is your responsibility to verify and investigate providers and services.

CPAs & Other Financial Services

  • Jameson & Company | A federal government grant or contract can change everything, so your advisor must be trustworthy and up-to-speed. See for yourself what makes Jameson tick.
  • ShayCPA | ShayCPA is an NYC-based Accounting firm specializing in supporting the U.S. and International Pre-Seed to Series-A tech founders with their day-to-day accounting and tax compliance needs.
  • TerraCare Financial | TerraCare Financial helps conscious entrepreneurs increase profits and cash flow through bookkeeping and advisory services. We specialize in helping conscious coaches and consultants increase profits and cash flow through bookkeeping and advisory services. We handle the accounting side of your business, allowing you to focus on handling everything else.

  • Wilson Dutra | Patents & trademarks – that’s what at Wilson Dutra HQ. We work with groundbreaking technology, powerful branding, and cutting-edge concepts for businesses, products, and services. Unsure if what we do applies to you? No worries – we offer a free initial consultation to see if we would be the right fit for you.


  • Russell Street Consultancy | Russell Street Consultancy provides customer success consulting to early and growth-stage start-ups that are ready to create capacity for a larger customer base, build stronger CS teams, and address churn—you name it!

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