Three things to know about E.B. Howard Consulting’s project planning procedures in proposal preparation

  • May 11, 2023

We focus a lot on Project Management best practices for growing and evolving our standard operating procedures for clients. We have learned so much about project planning over the past several months.

#1. What is project planning, and how does it relate to our standard operating procedure for proposal preparation

Project planning is the tool project managers use to make accurate time estimates and set realistic milestones. The project planning stage of the project lifecycle is where our team identifies tools that can help manage different types of risk. Most importantly, during this stage, we develop our cross-team communication plan and how to organize project documentation. By setting regular check-in meetings with our clients and operating within a google driver shared folder, we ensure consistency of communication and version control among documents.

#2 How do we use project management to make a better product or service for our clients

We use our project management expertise to explain why milestones are important and how to set them, make accurate time estimates and describe techniques for acquiring them from team members, and explain why a project plan is necessary and what components it contains. Having this roadmap set out ahead of time helps all teams, both internal and external, understand the scope of work, adhere to deadlines, and understand when certain deliverables are due.

#3 The result of implementing procedures into proposal preparation for SBIR

These planning steps help outline everything our team and the client need to know about the proposal preparation and funding menu process and what they can expect along the way. With communication set at regular intervals, deliverables are less likely to experience a delay, and by agreeing on internal and external deadlines ahead of time, the teams can complete the product in advance of the project deadline, which is critical for leaving breathing room for any last minute changes and updates to the final product.

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