17 Covid-19 R&D Funding Opportunities You Need To Know About

  • March 17, 2020

In the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic, many funders both federal and private have allocated resources to hasten the discovery of disease etymology, vaccines, and products and protocols to keep us safe.

Since many of these funding lines are created in response to an emergency there are not always clear award amounts and due dates. These 17 funding opportunities offer capital to help stop the spread of Covid-19 through research initiatives.

New funding opportunities are being announced regularly, so stay tuned. As we learn more, we will share that information with you.

1. Gitcoin Coronavirus Grant: Startups and veteran crypto players are offering funding to fight against this deadly global pandemic. Gitcoin coronavirus grant initiative, based on the Ethereum crowdfunding platform aims to empower developers working towards coronavirus-related initiatives with $50,000. Proposals will be accepted from March 13, 2020 until further notice. For more information email Contact@Cryptopolitan.com

2. EIC Accelerator Covid-19 Funding: The EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument) is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot that supports top-class innovators, entrepreneurs, and small companies with funding opportunities and acceleration services. The main focus of the EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument) is on market-creating innovations that shape new markets and generate jobs, growth and higher standards of living. They are currently offering $164,000,000 to aid in Covid-19 management measures. Applications will be accepted until 3/18/2020. Contact johannes.bahrke@ec.europa.eu for more information.

3. NIH Partnerships for Countermeasures against Select Pathogens (R01 Clinical Trials Not Allowed) This opportunity will supply $750,000 in funding for research and development to create therapeutic or vaccine treatments. The opportunity closes on 6/29/2020. For more information read the full solicitation here:

4. NSF 20-052 RAPID: This announcement will be open until further notice and offers $200,000 to conduct non-medical, non-clinical-care research that can be used immediately to explore how to model and understand the spread of COVID-19, to inform and educate about the science to model and understand the spread of COVID-19, to inform and educate about the science. For more information contact rapid-covid19@nsf.gov

5. Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (CDS&E) program or the Cyberinfrastructure for Sustained Scientific Innovation (CSSI) program RAPID: While no award amount or due date is specified, this announcement offers supplemental funding requests to existing awards that address COVID-19 challenges through data and/or software infrastructure development activities. Contact WLMiller@nsf.gov for more information.

6. Office of The Director, National Institutes of Health NOT-AI-20-030: This opportunity open until 2/26/2021 funds projects focusing on viral natural history, pathogenicity, transmission, as well as projects developing medical countermeasures and suitable animal models for pre-clinical testing of vaccines and therapeutics against 2019-nCoV. Contact erik.stemmy@nih.gov.

7. PA-20-135 Emergency Competitive Revision to Existing NIH Awards (Emergency Supplement – Clinical Trial Optional): Current awardees that can use their current NIH project model to research Covid-19 related topics are eligible for additional funding. Emergency Notices of Special Interest (NOSIs) issued by the respective ICs will specify the activity codes under which recipients can apply. Contact support@grants.gov.

8. Horizon 2020: Research teams from across the EU and beyond, which will start working on developing vaccines, new treatments, diagnostic tests and medical systems aimed at preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. €47.5 million in funding has been allocated. Contact marietta.grammenou@ec.europa.eu.

9. PA-18-591- NIH Urgent Award mechanism: This additional supplemental funding for NIH awardees is open until February 6, 2021, and supports new research in response to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-2019). Contact deaweb@niaid.nih.gov.

10. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Contact David.Boucher@hhs.gov This opportunity is open until October 31, 2020 and supports the following topics:

  • AOI 7.7.1 Diagnostic assay for human coronavirus using existing FDA-cleared platforms
  • AOI 7.7.2 Point-of-care diagnostic assay for detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • AOI 7.7.3 Diagnostic assay for detection of COVID-19 disease (SARS-CoV-2 infection)
  • AOI 8.3 COVID-19 Vaccine
  • AOI 9.2 COVID-19 Therapeutics
  • AOI 9.3 Immunomodulators or therapeutics targeting lung repair
  • AOI 9.5 Pre-exposure and post-exposure prophylaxis
  • AOI 10 Respiratory protective devices
  • AOI 11 Ventilators
  • AOI 17 Advanced Manufacturing Technologies”

11. The Gates Foundation: $50 Million in funding to confirm cases, safely isolate and care for patients and accelerate the development of treatments and vaccines. Contact media@gatesfoundation.org

12. Wellcome: This £2 million call aims to strengthen the evidence base to better prevent and control coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemics and to increase research and response capacity. It’s part of an existing partnership between Wellcome and the UK Department for International Development (DFID). Contact m.stratton@wellcome.ac.uk

13. Rapid Research Funding Opportunity competition through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research: This C$7 million fund to research new vaccines and preventions is currently closed to new expressions of interest while they review the proposals they’ve received.

14. NCBiotech Flash Grant: This $20,000 opportunity funds Global Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak – vaccine development, diagnosis, and COVID-19 specific therapies, Precision health, Digital and data-driven life science technologies. Open until April 22, 2020. Call 919.541.9366 for more information.

15. Swiss National Science Foundation-Special Call on Coronaviruses: This $5m Swiss Franc funding opportunity is open until March 25, 2020, to develop a better understanding of the virus, its spread, the resulting illness as well as diagnosis and treatment, or who can help the health system and society as a whole deal more effectively with the epidemic. Contact InterCo@snf.ch

16. Novel Coronavirus EZ-BAA: This announcement is open until Feb 03, 2023, for the following topics Diagnostics (4.1A-C: Diagnostics), 4.2: Nonclinical Model Development/Screening, 4.3: COVID-19 Vaccines, and 4.4: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. For more information email troy.francis@hhs.gov

17. 2019 Novel Coronavirus Federal Market Research Initiative: This opportunity is to develop Vaccine, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions to Covid-19. For more information email TechWatchInbox@hhs.gov

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