Changes to EBIZ POC login requirements

  • January 31, 2023

Anyone who has applied for a federal grant knows what a nightmare the various required registration systems can be. While a book could be written about the trials and tribulations of achieving an active SAM registration, is nearly as frustrating. With three separate linked accounts required to register, creating a account always intimidated clients.

We are pleased to announce that the government has made the process slightly less obnoxious! While you will still need to create two accounts, the separate EBIZ POC account with an additional username and password will no longer be required!

Before January of 2023, the process looked like this:

  • Step 1 – Register on as an EBIZ POC (the business point of contact). This would then serve as the organizational account.
  • Step 2 – Create an individual account. From the EBIZ POC account, applicants would then need to make a personal account and ensure it had Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) privileges to submit the grant and Primary Investigator (PI) credentials to prepare a grant.
  • Step 3 – After the accounts above were created, they would have to be linked to, a two-step verification system linked to

The new method

It is still critical to begin SAM registration 60-90 days before the application deadline. A valid SAM registration with UEI number and CAGE code will still be required to create accounts on and

The new way to secure your EBIZ POC account involves fewer steps but more careful attention at the beginning of the process when you create your account. The email used to create the account must be the same as the email associated with in order to have EBIZ POC credentials. While this new method of creating EBIZ POC accounts saves applicants a step, many applicants outsource the creation of accounts to a team member. It is critical for all new grant applicants going forward that the person to be designated EBIZ POC sets up,, and with the same email.

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