E.B. Howard Consulting to be sponsor at Chloe Capital Investor Accelerator

  • October 2, 2017

We are thrilled to be included as a sponsor for the Chloe Capital Accelerator.

The Chloe Capital Investor Accelerator is designed to provide a friendly, welcoming introduction to the startup investing ecosystem. It’s targeted at women who have accumulated some funds to invest and may have experience with public stock market investing and charitable giving but have not yet fully explored the impact they can make through investing directly in women entrepreneurs. We’ll connect you with world-class mentors, resources, and opportunities that will jumpstart your investing journey. Participants will also have an opportunity to make an investment through the program. More experienced women investors are also welcome to apply because it will be a wonderful networking experience for investors at all levels. A select group of women-led startups will participate alongside the investors and will get access to some exciting funding opportunities.  See more about this event HERE.

We work with high-growth startups and organizations that support the startup and innovation ecosystem. We build highly specific non-dilutive funding menus, provide proposal preparation services, and measure outcomes of funding through evaluation. Schedule a consult call with us HERE.