Christine Among the 2018 Nominees for Upstate Venture Ecosystem Awards

  • September 4, 2018

Christine E.B. Howard – founder, owner, and president of Buffalo-based firm E.B. Howard Consulting – was recently nominated to be among the 23 individuals for the 2018 Venture Ecosystem Awards – Ecosystem Champion. The Upstate Venture Ecosystem Champion is for individuals who are catalyzing and supporting startup activity across multiple Upstate NY communities. The Upstate Venture Ecosystem Awards was designed to honor the individuals and companies making an impact in Upstate NY.

Christine E.B. Howard

Upstate Venture Ecosystem received over 100 nominations from the community, each sharing a story with a common theme: paying it forward. Our nominees are injecting entrepreneurship into our universities, mentoring countless founders, building thriving communities and helping to create jobs. To see more about the Ecosystem Awards visit

Christine’s journey started shortly after she started her firm in 2013 when a client came to her and told her of their experience attempting to secure funding for their start-up. The client’s perception was that gender and/or ethnicity played a role in the decision-making process and that their start-up was not given as serious of consideration as other start-ups that were male-lead founders & leaders. This spurred Christine, to start providing additional services and resources to clients to inform them of funders that do not use gender or ethnicity as part of the decision making process. 

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