Christine to be first-round judge in FFIT 2018

  • August 13, 2018

Christine E.B. Howard was recently selected to participate in first-round judging in the 2018 Female Founders in InsurTech competition.

Quesnay launched the Female Founders in Tech Competition in 2017 with great success and is expanding the program this year with dedicated tracks in InsurTech, FinTech, and MediaTech. 2018 will kick off with the InsurTech track, where the gap in the number of women-led startups is particularly stark. In 2017, just one in six (16%) individuals driving the start-ups applying to Startupbootcamp InsurTech were women. A study of 535 InsurTech companies worldwide found that just 4% (20 in total) were founded by women (Source: Eva Genzmer of the German InsurTech Friendsurance).

Through Female Founders in InsurTech 2018, Quesnay hopes to increase those numbers by supporting women through mentorship, visibility, and funding, while offering a platform for encouraging inclusion in the industry.

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