Christine gives a talk to Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) group

  • July 15, 2021

Christine & Joanne Sonenshine recently gave a talk at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) sponsored by wiseHer on July 7th. They focused on practical advice and recommendations on where to find funding, who to get help from, what to know before you commit to alternative funding for your organization

As companies look to scale their businesses AND make a positive impact on the planet, making resources work for both can be challenging. The traditional “go-to” methods of seeking short-term loans or raising capital through venture funds, equity, or impact capital may not always suit your organizational model.

So where can you find resources for your business outside of these categories? This session focused on learning why non-traditional forms of funding (e.g., grants, co-funded investments, etc.) can be your best option as you grow your business and make a difference for the world.

The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) connects female entrepreneurs around the globe with networks, knowledge, and insight that give them the power to do more.

Dell Technologies is committed to accelerating the increasingly powerful role that women play in driving global economic growth. Through DWEN, Dell Technologies empowers female founders and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and their vision through the power of technology, expansion of their personal networks, and access to capital. Becoming a part of DWEN offers access to experts, champions, tools, and experiences created to support members as they navigate their journeys together.

By spotlighting the entrepreneurial success, failures, and lessons learned in a supportive and unique forum, DWEN enables a community of like-minded women to share experiences, lift one another up, create new business opportunities, explore global expansion and solve challenges together.

About Christine: Christine is the Founder & CEO of E.B. Howard Consulting, LLC &, Non-dilutive Funding Expert, NSF I-Corp Mentor, Advisor & Mentor, Certified WOSB in NYS, NYC, and SBA, NAWBO chapter past president.

About Joanne: Joanne is the Founder & CEO of Connective Impact which advises mission-driven companies and purpose-oriented organizations in creating more effective partnerships and collaborations to address social, environmental, and economic development challenges. She is a development economist with the ability to synthesize nonprofit-speak and technical information into actionable recommendations for the industry.

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