Congratulations, NSF ART grant winner, Illinois Institute of Technology!

  • January 25, 2024

Our proposal preparation client, the Illinois Insitute of Technology (IIT), was recently named one of 18 teams of academic institutions across the United States that have been awarded. The program offers up to $6,000,000 per award and a duration of four years is anticipated.

for the Accelerating Research Translation (ART) investment program by the U.S. National Science Foundation.

The Project

IIT has been awarded $6M for a project called TechForward, which aims to accelerate the transfer of research into the market by partnering with industry professionals in Chicago’s tech ecosystem. By fostering a market-focused research culture and building infrastructure to support it, TechForward seeks to address societal challenges and create a diverse workforce in high-growth technology sectors. The project will also address underrepresentation in the tech sector by exposing underrepresented populations, including first-generation college students, to practical experiences in commercialization within high-growth technology sectors. TechForward will also cultivate a diverse pool of talent by creating experiential training programs in research commercialization. At least 150 degree-seeking students and 100 underrepresented non-degree-seeking learners will receive commercialization training. The project aims to convert at least 40% of seed translational research projects into commercial opportunities within two years of selection for acceleration.

We are passionate about supporting innovative projects and helping clients like the Illinois Insitute of Technology (IIT) achieve their dreams. You can see our Track Record database here –

You can see our Track Record database here – Congratulations once again to the Illinois Insitute of Technology (IIT) on this remarkable achievement!

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