Congratulations to Dollaride!

  • July 26, 2022

We are so excited about Dollaride’s recent win on Phase I of the 2021 NYSERDA Clean Transit Access Program (CTAP) for the “Electrifying NYC dollar vans” project.

This innovation will electrify vehicles that serve commuters in NYC by working through an existing ecosystem of fleets, drivers, and riders in disadvantaged communities. This project will deploy nearly $32M towards commuter van electrification, using 250 electric vehicles to reduce 4,424 tons of CO2 annually and enable clean electric transportation for 120,000 annual commuters in disadvantaged communities in transit deserts. Dollaride’s solution targets transportation deserts in disadvantaged communities, providing last-mile solutions for commuters. Hundreds of electric vans will reduce emissions and improve air quality, and by including private capital, Dollaride is demonstrating the invest-ability of electrification, attracting necessary private investment for transportation electrification at scale.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Dollaride on proposal preparation for this innovative solution and are eagerly awaiting news of the potential Phase II award this Autumn.

Phase I – $150K Awarded in 2021. We are waiting for the announcement of Phase II with an additional $6M from NYSERDA and $26.5M in matching private capital – A total of $32.5M.

You can also see our track record here –

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