Congratulations to Syyclops!

  • August 2, 2022

We are so excited for our client, Syyclops, for the recent win on Phase I of the DOE 2021 SBIR for the “Utilizing live sensor data to improve indoor air quality via the building management System” project.

The proposal is to build upon the 1000-plus IAQ sensors that have been installed in over 100 schools, interpret the data and establish a proof of concept. The project will set up sensor reading thresholds, which will formulate an algorithm that will then directly interface with the building management systems. The project will go into the technical detail of actual readings of PM2.5/PM 1.0, CO2, temperature, TVOC’s, and humidity to compile the optimal air quality for the teaching space. As occupancy occurs, the study will examine the decay rates of the CO2 based on occupancy, air change rates, and ventilation rates in the classroom space. As each of the readings modulates between good and unacceptable thresholds, proscribed actions are implemented to improve the IAQ. By better controlling the environmental factors that lead to an increased risk of infection, society can effectively reduce viral transmission and keep students, patients, customers, and employees safer when in public spaces. Businesses have suffered economic hardship from the government mandates regarding capacity and sanitation and would be willing to purchase a product that allowed them to resume business operations at an increased capacity or provided a greater level of safety to occupants. In addition, there would be a lower incidence of transmission, which would alleviate frequent employee time off for testing and quarantine. Schools have had to cease or drastically change educational paradigms to keep students safe.

We are so excited about Syyclop’s $199,992 award and the opportunity to help them craft the winning Phase I SBIR proposal. We are eagerly anticipating the outcome of their Phase II proposal with DOE.

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