New York Dealroom launches the beta version of its ecosystem platform for the

  • May 4, 2023

Dealroom is a the global platform that helps professional investors, corporates, and local governments to discover & track innovative tech companies. Dealroom has launched the beta version of an innovative new product today. The Ecosystem Platform of the State of New York is a database of all things small business innovation throughout the state. It is appropriately named Invest NY.

What is it?

The Ecosystem Platform of the State of New York collects and provides data. Data includes emerging tech companies and funding rounds across the state. The database offers searchable mini-databases within the larger platform. These mini-databases break down funded companies and funding rounds by region (e.g., Central New York, Finger Lakes, Capital District, etc.). The platform can connect users to company profiles, investor information, and even available jobs. Built by Dealroom, a small business data aggregation leader, this platform is user-friendly and intuitive.

Why New York?

New York is the 2nd most important state ecosystem in the US. It follows after California, as measured by venture capital investment and value creation in startups. Over 200 unicorns hail from New York as well as many global technology firms, including IBM. IBM was recently listed as one of the most important technological innovators in the last 100 years. New York City is the #2 hub for venture capital activity globally, second only to the Bay area. New York technology businesses have raised more investment in the past five years than some of the leading global cities in the technology industry, including London, Boston, Bengaluru, and Beijing.


The Ecosystem Platform of the State of New York has a wealth of data on small business Venture Capital (VC) funding. The searchable database allows users to query funding data by region, industry, or investor. Small businesses can use the database to search funders, including locations, average investment, preferred first round, and industry preference.


Interested investors can search company profiles, including queries for companies invested in vs. unfunded. Investors can search companies by industry keyword, SDG, income streams, patent categories, and location. Dealroom ranks each company on founding team strength, growth rate, and timing so investors can gauge potential ROIs for companies they are considering investing in. Company profiles also include a list of funders (if funded), analytics, and similar companies. All transactions between a company and an investor are listed in the transactions tab in real-time to keep users up to date. Exits are listed as well.

Job Board

The job board tab allows companies to post open positions for job seekers. This is an excellent way for tech-savvy employees to transition from their current position to working for an innovative technology company that can better utilize their skills and align with their interests. It is also an excellent way for tech companies to find candidates with relevant skills as they grow and scale requiring more employees.

Thanks to another great database from Dealroom, it is easier than ever to search for and connect with small businesses in the technology industry and those wishing to invest in them in New York.

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