Our founder volunteered her time to help startups and innovators UB’s Blackstone Launchpad.

  • August 28, 2019

On Wednesday, August 21st, 2019, Blackstone Launchpad powered by Techstars in collaboration with the University of Buffalo offered students a unique opportunity to develop and pursue their entrepreneurial spirit and ideas through product demonstration, coaching and mentoring, and resource guidance.

E. B. Howard Consulting founder and former Buffalo/Niagara NAWBO chapter president Christine E.B. Howard recently volunteered her coaching, mentoring, resource, and guidance abilities to startup founders and technology innovators at the University.

Mentors were able to get a first-hand look at the up and coming entrepreneurs and their cutting edge products and offer feedback on the ideas presented to them as well as walk teams through Business Model Canvas. Many new and interesting technologies the likes of which have never been seen before were on display at the event.

The Blackstone Launchpad has been committed to inspiring students and providing them with opportunities to design and grow their own business for over ten years. The Blackstone Launchpad supports all entrepreneurs but has a focus on technological innovation and advancement. Their charitable foundation has allowed countless students to pursue their dreams by allocating to them the funds necessary to research and develop their idea and pitch to investors. Since the program’s inception, Blackstone Launchpad has invested in 17,838 ventures, 191,930 participants and incorporated 8,963 companies in each instance forever changing the life of a hardworking student with an amazing business idea.

The Blackstone Launchpad is celebrated for two things primarily: its inclusive attitude and outspoken support of all entrepreneurs regardless of background or identification, and its goal to introduce college students to entrepreneurship and inspire them to achieve their dream of starting or growing their own business.

E. B. Howard Consulting was honored to be able to take part in the volunteer program of the Blackstone Launchpad and very impressed with the technology and business acumen the students demonstrated at day one of the events.

Day two of the event was be held on Thursday, August 22nd. Students at every stage of business development are welcome to attend from those who have an idea in its beginning stages to those who have already begun the process of incorporating and are looking for tips on growing their business.

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