Following COVID-19 Delay 43North Announces New Application Date for 2020 Startup Competition

  • June 22, 2020

43North will start accepting applications for the 2020 round of the 43North Startup competition on June 23rd. 43North delayed the application date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the reopening process now commencing in Buffalo and across the globe, 43North is thrilled to be able to now offer this opportunity. Startups can apply to share in this $5 Million investment. Startups moving on to the semifinals will be notified in mid-summer 2020.

The competition for the chosen startups will be virtual. It will start with orientation and round one judging in August, and semifinals in September.

This year’s startup competition offers one investment of $1M along with seven investments of $500,000. There is also the opportunity to qualify for follow-on funding at the end of the 12-month program for selected winners.

Since 2014, 43North has invested in 51 startups. These startup competition winners have gone on to raise an additional $430 million in capital. Also over 700 jobs have been created.

In exchange for this inventment from 43North one of the conditions of the award is that startup competition winners must locate their CEO and 50% of their staff in Buffalo NY for at least 12 months.


43North invite applications from Startups worldwide. For a full list of eligibility requirements please visit this link. Furthermore, you will also find the terms and conditions and a timeline for the competition along with a breakdown of the award amounts.

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