#Fund Your #Startup Without Raising Venture Capital

  • June 30th, 2022

There are numerous non-dilutive (free!) #grant programs, #competitions that award cash prizes, and of course crowdfunding platforms, all of which exist to help #Fund Your #Startup in the earlier phases of venture formation. To apply or enter for many of these, you’re not even required to have developed a product or gained any traction with customers. The application process typically involves meeting qualification requirements (e.g., are you a current student) and illustrating the merits and potential impact of your idea. As a bonus to being awarded money, several programs also offer additional programming, training, and resources to help you develop your venture.

We can help you #Fund Your #Startup. Let us develop a highly curated menu to fit your specific #funding needs. We can identify opportunities that can help sustain existing initiatives or make new plans a reality.

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