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  • February 26, 2018 posted this a while back. We found it useful for helping some of our clients through the application process especially since has done away with that horrible grant application pack PDF document that could quite potentially crash if you had too many things open on your computer taking up memory. Or maybe you are trying to become a “Workspace Wizard”? More likely, you just want to submit a grant application on . This 47-minute webinar walks you through how to apply

[HD] [WEBINAR – Oct. 18, 2017] Getting Started with Workspace: Become a Workspace Wizard

A Webinar Presented by the Program Management Office on Oct. 18, 2017] Workspace is’s shared, online environment to collaboratively complete and submit federal grant applications. With the retirement of the Legacy PDF application method on December 31, 2017, is providing this webinar to help get you started with using Workspace.

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We assist our clients in locating, applying for, and evaluating the outcomes of non-dilutive grant funding. We believe non-dilutive funding is a crucial tool for mitigating investment risks, and we are dedicated to guiding our clients through the entire process—from identifying the most suitable opportunities to submitting and managing grant applications.