Knowledge Vault: How to use your funding menu

  • April 4, 2023

Newly added to our Knowledge Vault is a helpful video on tips to get the most out of a Funding Menu. Funding Menus are one of our most popular service packages. They are a highly curated and personalized list of all relevant small business funding opportunities given a company’s needs. We constantly receive feedback that clients are surprised we found as many opportunities as we did. While they are grateful to have so many opportunities to pursue funding, the sheer number of opportunities can be overwhelming. To reduce the intimidation factor of organizing anywhere from 30-80 opportunities into a plan of action, we made this video to show Funding Menu clients some best practices for reaping the full value of the service and product.

This video is free to any client who purchases a funding menu. The video walks clients through what to expect from the finished Funding Menu product, what each column is designed for, and how to read the Funding Menu. Best practices for sorting the opportunities in terms of relevance, ROI, and deadline are included in the video. While E.B. Howard Consulting attends several check-in meetings with clients who purchase a funding menu to share this information with them in person, the Funding Menu is the client’s to keep forever. Opportunities in the Funding Menu include shortly approaching deadlines and future deadlines, with some being nearly a year in the future. This video can serve as a refresher on how best to approach sorting the opportunities within the menu after some time has passed.

We work with high-growth startups and organizations that support the startup and innovation ecosystem. We build highly specific non-dilutive funding menus, provide proposal preparation services, and measure outcomes of funding through evaluation. Schedule a consult call with us HERE.