Knowledge Vault: Letter of Commitment template and tips

  • January 3, 2023

A new product has been released in the E.B. Howard Consulting Knowledge Vault! The product offers a template and tips for crafting a compelling Letter of Commitment (LOC) for any grant opportunity. LOCs are a required component of any grant that hires a consultant or sub-awardee to do a portion of the work. Many programs, like SBIR in particular, have strict guidelines on the formatting and content of an acceptable LOC. We constantly get questions from clients and potential applicants asking how to ensure their LOC are compliant.

Over the years, our team created a template we offered to our proposal prep clients to help them collect LOCs from 1099 consultants. This template, along with the tips we provide clients from industry experience, has successfully assisted our clients in LOC preparation and collection. Due to positive client feedback about the template and our process, we decided to make a product in the Knowledge Vault that served this same purpose.

Our free downloadable product explains all the requirements of LOCs for SBIR proposals to any participating federal agency. Any potential SBIR applicant who plans on hiring 1099 consultants should visit the Knowledge Vault to check out this helpful tool.

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