Knowledge Vault: Proposal Timeline

  • December 6, 2022

One of the most frequently mentioned positive experiences we receive through customer feedback is clients expressing appreciation for our management, delegation, and deadlines during proposal preparation. Over the years, we have developed a “secret sauce” for ensuring proposals are completed ahead of the submission deadline. Our standard operating procedures for proposal preparation include a schedule and timeline that dictates when meetings will occur and when each component of the grant will be due. We also collaborate with the client to delegate what aspects of proposal prep will be handled by which team members.

For our Knowledge Vault, we distilled this timeline and system into a helpful sample calendar that illustrates the activities, deadlines, and meetings required to get a proposal completed in advance of the deadline. This free download is available only at the E.B. Howard Consulting Knowledge Vault. Our expert tips and recommendations can help small businesses prepare for all types of grant applications, including SBIR. This time management process is repeatedly mentioned as one of the most valuable aspects of our services.

Any small business seeking funding would be wise to create and adhere to an agenda and timeline such as the example offered in this product. Having the accountability of deadlines, both internal and external, is critical for navigating proposal preparation successfully, especially if any collaboration is to take place between team members or multiple teams. We at E.B. Howard have a stipulation that we do not take on proposals that are due less than 30 calendar days from the deadline, and the proposed timeline illustrates why. There are many components that go into a competitive proposal. Each component is iteratively reviewed and rewritten until it meets the criteria set forth by the funder, which takes time. Submitting at the very last minute can cause applicants undue stress that could easily be avoided with some planning and agenda setting early on. We encourage our clients to have everything complete 5-7 days before the grant deadline.

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