Meet the team: Christine E.B. Howard

  • June 29, 2021

Christine E.B. Howard, Founder and CEO

Christine E.B. Howard founded E.B. Howard Consulting to help innovative small businesses find and secure funding with a passion for improving equal access to funding for underrepresented founders.

To date, E.B. Howard Consulting has secured well over $60M in non-dilutive funding, written hundreds of successful proposals for clients, evaluated several federally funded projects and programs, and created hundreds of custom funding menu roadmaps for startups and small businesses. In addition to her role at E.B. Howard Consulting, Christine has served as an NSF I-Corp mentor, advisor, mentor to startups throughout the US.

Christine is passionate about equal access to funding (dilutive and non-dilutive) for women and minority-owned start-ups. So passionate that in 2014, she started compiling a list of various investment firms that will NOT make a funding decision based on your AGE, GENDER, or ETHNICITY.

In 2020, the next evolution of her passion is/was the launch of – a self-service subscription database for non-dilutive funding.

We work with high-growth startups and organizations that support the startup and innovation ecosystem. We build highly specific non-dilutive funding menus, provide proposal preparation services, and measure outcomes of funding through evaluation. Schedule a consult call with us HERE.