#NIH #SBIR budgets: What you don’t know about can hurt your proposal

  • December 11, 2019

There are several categories of costs that are generally not included in the National Health Institute (#NIH) Small Business Innovation Research (#SBIR) budget allocations. Some of them probably would not surprise you (for example, โ€œentertainmentโ€ is not an allowable budget expenditure) but there are a few examples of unallowable expenditures that may surprise you. 

For example, travel. Travel is one of the major listed line items in budget allocation. However, many people do not know that only domestic travel is included in the allowable expenses of an #NIH #SBIR budget.

Equipment is another anomaly. While applicants are prompted to list any equipment that cost over $5,000 to acquire and has a service life of more than one year, #NIH #SBIR grants typically do not cover equipment costs, especially if the piece of equipment will be useable for longer than the life of the grant project, if similar equipment is already available, or the item is a general use item such as a computer or laptop.

The best way to ensure you are following the proposed guidelines correctly is to enlist the help of a consultant. Consultants know the rules and regulations surrounding various types of #nondilutivefunding such as NIH SBIR grants. They can help guide you away from a mistake in your budget or elsewhere in your proposal that may limit funds to your project or worse, cause your proposal to be rejected.

E. B. Howard Consulting knows all about the ins and outs of #NIH #SBIRโ€™s budget allocation.

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