NSF Regional Innovation Engines Program – Supporting Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

  • July 14, 2022

In a recent blog post, we explained the evaluation requirements for NSF’s Regional Innovation Engines Program and how to choose the right external independent evaluator for the job. The key takeaways were to ensure your evaluator has industry experience both in terms of evaluating similar projects and working with NSF.

In alignment with the Regional Innovation Engines Program’s goal to “support an equitable and diverse innovation ecosystem and promote economic growth”, it is critical to choose partners, sub-awardees, and evaluators that exemplify inclusivity and diversity in their hiring practices and company culture.

NSF follows a designated Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) initiative in all programs and activities. This is especially true of the Regional Innovation Engines Program, which is designed to “catalyze and accelerate innovation ecosystems across the United States to advance critical technologies, address societal and economic challenges, promote economic growth and job creation, and cultivate regional talent“.

Many, if not all of the proposals selected will be chosen due to the critical need in the area that stems from economic and workforce challenges that arise when certain regions and founders are underrepresented. One way for applicants to prove they align with NSF’s DEI initiatives is to partner with sub-awardee organizations and evaluators that are diverse and inclusive in their team, hiring practices, and company culture.

It is E.B. Howard Consulting’s ambition to support the innovation ecosystem and promote inclusive economic growth. This has been our focus on this since our founding in 2013. We believe inclusivity is imperative for innovation, and building a strong and diverse economy where all our citizens thrive is essential. To add to this, our team is currently 100% women and is 40% comprised of individuals who are BIPOC – specifically Latina and First Nation/Native American.

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