NYSERDA Clean Neighborhoods Challenge Phase II Awardees

  • November 22, 2022

It has been a suspenseful year as we anxiously awaited the outcome of the NYSERDA Clean Neighborhoods Challenge Phase II awards. One of our favorite clients, Dollaride, won the $150,000 Phase I award in 2021 after we assisted them with proposal preparation. This Autumn, the three Phase II winners were finally announced and we are thrilled to report that Dollaride won Phase II funding. NYSERDA has granted $6M to Dollaride’s project. Combined with the company’s $26.5M in matching private capital for this project, it brings their total win up to $32.5M.

Dollaride’s project, Clean Transit Access Program (CTAP) – Electrifying NYC dollar vans, will finance 250 electric commuter vans over three years, connecting commuters in transit deserts to transportation hubs and reducing emissions by 4424 metric tons of CO2 (mtCE) emissions per year, a net savings of 75,503 mtCE/yr. The focus is on bringing clean transit to disadvantaged communities, electrifying and digitizing local commuter vans and other existing fleets, developing charging infrastructure to optimize fleet operations with wireless charging while simultaneously providing plugin charging to local communities. This scalable program will expand to a statewide and later national level.

To learn more about Dollaride and the NYSERDA Clean Neighborhoods Challenge, visit the website. Clean energy is positioned to be one of the top-funded industry sectors of the near future. Federal and private grant opportunities that contribute funding to innovative projects capable of reducing the global carbon footprint are being released routinely. The E.B. Howard Consulting team has significant subject matter expertise in this industry as well as knowledge on how best to navigate the grant proposal process. If you have a clean energy or sustainability startup and intend to apply to the next NYSERDA Challenge or similar grant program, reach out to us. We would be happy to help with proposal preparation, evaluation, or general guidance.

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