Pitchfest from SheAngels- SAVE THE DATE – February 23, 2019

  • November 28, 2018

You could win thousands at Pitchfest from SheAngels! To apply to pitch, CLICK HERE

With less than 5% of traditional funding going to women entrepreneurs – there is a way to help female business owners get ahead – it is called SHE ANGELS, as in angel investors! The Pitchfest from SheAngels event and TV Web series are designed to energize and inspire the participants, the panelists, and the audience who attend the event and watch the series! It takes a village and you can be a part of this fearless initiative to empower more women business owners!

The successful Pitchfest from SheAngels investor panelists are giving back and paying it forward by funding, mentoring, and guiding entrepreneurs in various industries to thrive and succeed. Like last year, our panelist will be a combination of prominent successful businesswomen and celebrities who believe in championing forward innovative female entrepreneurs. Over 100k in cash and services at stake in the competition!

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