#SBIR: Contacting Your Agency

  • September 4, 2019

#SBIR is one of the most competitive federal grant programs. Therefore, it is important to utilize all of the resources that are available to you for your proposal. This includes contacting your agency about your proposal before you submit it.

Once you are sure that you have the appropriate agency contact, you will be able to talk with your contact to clarify and expand both the #SBIR topic description, as well as the context of the project.

Best Practice Tip: ALWAYS contact any funder or agency by phone and/or email before you consider submitting a proposal.

Some questions may include whether the topic of your proposal is still relevant and important to the field, the type of funding available for your project, and the timing of your project.

It is also important to contact your agency once your proposal is finished and utilize pre-submission feedback. While not all agencies will participate, some agencies will give you the option to send your proposal in for review before you submit the completed version.

Random Stat: Did you know that 85% of all successful grant seekers have had contact with the program officer?

Typically, organizations that take advantage of this option are more likely to win an #SBIR award. Thus, you should not hesitate to reach out to your agency to make sure that your proposal is as competitive as possible. Doing so will only increase your chances of receiving an award.

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