Start Treating Your Grant Application Like An Investment Strategy: Personalize your approach

  • December 12, 2023

As a small business owner seeking funding, you understand the importance of presenting your venture in the best possible light. You know that your success depends on your ability to secure the resources you need to take your business to the next level. However, you may not have considered learning to personalize your approach to grant applications.


Grant applications are often treated as a numbers game, with applicants sending out as many applications as possible in the hopes of securing funding. However, this approach can be counterproductive. Instead, you should treat your grant application like an investment strategy, taking the time to personalize your approach and tailor your message to the specific funder you are targeting.

Research and personalization

Personalization is key to a successful grant application. People appreciate when they feel that you’ve done your research and tailored your message specifically to them. Take the time to understand their focus, past focuses, and any relevant industry insights they may have shared. Reference specific details in your application, demonstrating that you’ve done your homework and that you genuinely believe they could be a good fit for your venture.

Personalization also demonstrates your commitment to your business. By taking the time to understand the funder’s priorities and tailor your message accordingly, you show that you are serious about your venture and are willing to put in the effort to secure funding.

Of course, personalization takes time and effort. It requires research and careful crafting of your message. However, the rewards are worth it. A personalized grant application is more likely to stand out from the crowd and catch the funder’s attention. It shows that you are not just sending out a generic application but are genuinely interested in working with the funder and are willing to put in the effort to make it happen.

So, how do you personalize your grant application? Here are some tips to get started:

Research the funder

Before you begin writing your application, take the time to research the funder. Look at their website and read their mission statement and funding priorities. Check out their past funding decisions to get a sense of the types of ventures they are interested in supporting. Look for any relevant industry insights they may have shared, such as reports or blog posts.

Tailor your message

Once you have a sense of the funder’s priorities, tailor your message accordingly. Use their language and focus on the aspects of your venture that align with their goals. For example, if the funder is focused on sustainability, highlight the ways in which your venture is environmentally friendly.

Use specific details

Reference specific details in your application to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework. For example, if the funder has supported similar ventures in the past, mention them in your application. If they have a particular focus, such as supporting underrepresented groups, highlight how your venture aligns with that focus.

Be genuine

Above all, be genuine in your approach. Don’t try to force your venture to fit with the funder’s priorities if it doesn’t make sense. Instead, focus on the aspects of your venture that genuinely align with their goals. Be passionate and enthusiastic about your venture, and let that shine through in your application.

In conclusion, personalization is key to a successful grant application. By taking the time to research the funder, tailor your message, and use specific details, you can demonstrate your commitment to your venture and increase your chances of securing funding. So, start treating your grant application like an investment strategy and personalize your approach today.

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