Human Subject Trial Safety Training for SBIR/STTR Applicants

  • January 16, 2024

If you are considering applying an SBIR/STTR that involves collecting data from human subjects, proper training and certification in human subjects safety and ethics is essential for those involved in research. πŸ₯ ⚠️

GAI and NSF Policy

  • December 22, 2023

Recent policy updates to NSF’s proposal preparation and merit review process could affect applicants and reviewers alike. πŸ’» πŸ“„

Congrats to EDA’s 22 Recompete Pilot Program Finalists

  • December 21, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that TWO of our clients have been designated as EDA’s Recompete Pilot Program Finalists! We were part of the writing process for one client and served as part of the Red Team Review for another. We would like to congratulate all awardees and finalists. πŸ† πŸ… 🌟