EPA Opens 2024-2025 SBIR Phase I Solicitation: Key Information for Small Businesses

  • June 26, 2024

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has officially opened the 2024-2025 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I Solicitation. This opportunity invites small businesses to submit proposals by August 21, 2024, for a chance to receive Phase I SBIR awards of up to $100,000. These awards aim to support the demonstration of proof of concept for projects addressing critical environmental challenges.

See more here – 👉 https://www.epa.gov/sbir/sbir-funding-opportunities

Key Focus Areas

The EPA SBIR program seeks innovative solutions in the following broad focus areas:

  • Clean and Safe Water: Projects aimed at improving water quality and ensuring safe drinking water.
  • Air Quality and Climate: Innovations targeting air pollution reduction and climate change mitigation.
  • Homeland Security: Technologies designed to enhance environmental security and resilience.
  • Circular Economy/Sustainable Materials: Solutions promoting sustainable materials management and waste reduction.
  • Safer Chemicals: Developments in creating and promoting safer chemical alternatives.

Funding Overview

The EPA SBIR program is structured to support small businesses through multiple phases:

  • Phase I Awards: Up to $100,000 for six months to demonstrate proof of concept.
  • Phase II Awards: Up to $400,000 over two years for successful Phase I awardees to further develop and commercialize their innovations.

This phased approach allows small businesses to initially establish the feasibility of their innovative solutions and then pursue further development with additional funding support.

Important Dates

  • Solicitation Open Date: Now
  • Solicitation Close Date: August 21, 2024

Application Process

Interested applicants should visit the EPA SBIR Funding Opportunities Page for detailed information on this year’s research topics and proposal instructions. The page provides comprehensive guidance on how to prepare and submit a competitive proposal.

Enhancing Your Proposal

To maximize your chances of securing funding, it is essential to thoroughly understand the solicitation requirements and tailor your proposal to address the specific needs and priorities outlined by the EPA. Here are some tips to strengthen your application:

  1. Align with Focus Areas: Ensure your project aligns with one of the designated focus areas. Clearly articulate how your innovation addresses a critical environmental challenge within the specified category.
  2. Demonstrate Innovation: Highlight the novelty and technical merit of your solution. Provide detailed explanations and data to support the feasibility and potential impact of your project.
  3. Market Potential: Discuss the commercial potential of your innovation. Include a market analysis that identifies potential customers, market size, and competitive landscape. Outline a clear path to commercialization.
  4. Project Plan: Develop a comprehensive project plan that includes specific milestones, deliverables, and timelines. Address potential risks and describe mitigation strategies to demonstrate your project’s feasibility.
  5. Team Expertise: Showcase the qualifications and experience of your team members. Highlight any relevant past achievements and expertise that make your team uniquely suited to execute the proposed project.

Informational Webinar and Resources

To assist applicants, EPA SBIR held an informational webinar earlier this month, providing an overview of the Phase I solicitation process. If you missed the event, you can access the presentation slides and Q&A document on the event’s webpage. These resources offer valuable insights and answers to common questions about the application process.

The Road Ahead

The EPA SBIR Phase I Solicitation offers a significant opportunity for small businesses to contribute to environmental innovation and sustainability. By addressing critical challenges in water quality, air pollution, climate change, homeland security, sustainable materials, and safer chemicals, small businesses can play a pivotal role in advancing environmental protection.

Final Thoughts

The 2024-2025 EPA SBIR Phase I Solicitation is now open, providing small businesses with the opportunity to secure funding for innovative environmental projects. With awards of up to $100,000 for Phase I and the potential for up to $400,000 in Phase II, this program supports the development and commercialization of technologies that can make a significant impact.

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