The ATDC: Georgia’s Amazing Tech Incubator

  • November 6, 2019

Calling All Georgia Based #Startups, #Innovaters, and Opportunity Seekers

Meet the Georgia ATDC

#Startups, have you heard the great news? If you live in GA you are closer than ever to commercialization. This is because the ATDC #Technology #Incubator in #Georgia is here to help. Are you in #FinTech, #RetailTech, #HealthTech, or Advanced Manufacturing? Then #Georgia Tech Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) is for you. Each industry program has its own curriculum. And, there are 5 convenient locations. Choose from ATDC locations in #Savannah, #Augusta, #Athens, #Peachtree Corner, or #Alpharetta. The ATDC at Georgia Tech succeeds because they combine community, curriculum, coaching, and connections. To date over 170 companies have graduated from ATDC’s program. In fact, the ATDC at #GeorgiaTech was named one of the “incubators changing the world” by Forbes magazine in 2010 and 2013.

What can the ATDC do for your #Startup?

The GA Tech ATDC can help #startups at every stage from concept to launch. This is because of ATDC’s expert mentors and coaches. Their firsthand experience in the field is invaluable. ATDC staff instructs #startups on the most effective ways to find #funding and customers. They know how to attain growth as a business because they have done so themselves. But how do you qualify? Candidates must have a concept or business that involves a game-changing technological invention or improvement. Because the ATDC is Georgia based, you need to live in GA or be willing to relocate. You also need a product that could be scaled to offer a commercial value. The application process is quite stringent by design. This is because the ATDC wants all participants to enjoy a competent, motivated peer group and community.

More Ways To Learn and Grow

Mentoring and community are both crucial components of business success at any stage. One great way to achieve both is to hire a #consultant from a consulting agency. E. B. Howard Consulting can help advise you on your way from concept to #commercialization because of the resources and tools they possess. We help you find the perfect #incubator, #SBIR or #STTR #grant, or #contest.

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