The Guild’s Fundraising Bootcamp

  • April 30, 2021

Christine E.B. Howard, founder & CEO recently spoke at The Guild’s 1-day Fundraising Bootcamp for pre-seed and seed-stage founders. The event focused on helping founders get practical tips on how to structure, plan and execute a successful fundraising process.

Christine’s talk focused on funding that does not take equity from your startup. What is it, where to find it, and what you should know.

The Fundraising Bootcamp also included founders who recently closed funding rounds also joined to share their hottest tips. Investors and experts who help founders fundraise (e.g., IP, legal, grants, term sheets) also joined to answer questions.

The recording from the jam-packed Fundraising Bootcamp is now available on The Guild’s platform for GUILD PRO members. You can access it here and if you are not yet a GUILD PRO subscriber sign up 🙂

Access the recording:

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