Funding Forecasting

Looking for funding? Let us develop a highly curated menu to fit your specific funding needs. We offer a comprehensive range of customizable services based on our experience, knowledge, and best practices to meet your needs. We can help with every stage of your development needs.

Non-Dilutive Funding

Looking for non-dilutive grants, accelerators, start-up competitions, government funding, tax incentives, and much more? We can help. See specific details to this process below.

The product

A highly curated menu to fit your specific funding needs that is immediately actionable and can guide funding efforts for at least one to three years.

The Process

During our five-step process, we will carefully evaluate screen all of the potential funding opportunities to identify funding opportunities for your organization and initiatives.

The Result

You will receive a detailed funding menu that includes the number of opportunities, key dates, dollar amount, and other high-level details as well as a quick start calendar of priority grant deadlines.

The Outcome

Our funding menu allows organizations to confidently and effectively build a funding pipeline by pursuing matched funders with insight on time, amounts, and approach details.

The Duration

Within 30 days from our initial meeting, we will share our research results, discuss our recommendations, and gather your feedback to incorporate into our final research product.

The Deliverables

Detailed profiles for each funder identified that include 20+ elements of information that include the name of the funder, key due dates, funding award amount, key contact information. Delivered in Excel and PDF that allow for deeper decision-making purposes. Plus much more

How does our five-step funding forecasting process work?

0. Service Option

Once you begin working with us, we will walk you through our five-step process that will result in a highly curated menu to fit your specific funding needs.

1. Initial Planning Meeting

A planning session that will allow us to gain a full understanding of the ins-and-outs of your organization such as your mission, vision, goals, and the problems you are working to solve.

2. Initial Research

We start the research process and begin building a funding menu based on your needs with the use of various nationally recognized databases and our own highly curated database.

3. First-Look Review

A chance to see our findings and what is included in your funding forecasting menu at the halfway point. Your chance to ask questions and modify the direction of the research.

4. Continued Research

We reach out to funders to gain insights and advice. Wrap up the research process and finalize building the funding menu based on your needs.

5. Final Review

A planning meeting to review findings and to develop an action plan for next steps.

More information on our experience and expectations

While we can not guarantee that every opportunity we identify will fund a client, or that every proposal we write will be funded, or that your evaluation report will indicate that your program’s goals & objectives will be achieved, we CAN guarantee a tailored approach that is grounded in latest in best-practices, appropriate methodology, and a professional experience.

Our Track Record

Since 2013, we have helped organizations secure more than $60 million in grant funding. We have experience in developing and crafting high-quality highly-competitive proposals to foundations, corporate grantmakers, and government funders at every level.

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Our Testimonials

We guarantee a tailored approach that is grounded in latest in best-practices, appropriate methodology, and professional experience. See what our clients have to say.

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Our Guidance

Here are some of our recommendations & guidelines for a successful experience with us.

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Answers to Your Questions

Got Questions? Great! We knew you would. We collected some Frequently Asked Questions here.

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